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For Lawyers

At O’SheaDyer Solicitors Pty Ltd, every solicitor is viewed as a potential shareholder (owner) of the business and the firm is committed to providing all of our lawyers the support and opportunity to realise their full potential. We encourage everyone on team to manage and drive their career progression, whatever that may be with support from the firm and those around them. 

We have a transparent process for career advancement which governs the progression from one role to the next which takes place on an annual basis each June/July. The process is merit based and applied consistently across the firm. To be considered for promotion the team member must:

  • be a strong performer in their current role
  • behave in a manner consistent with the firm’s values, and
  • possess the attributes required for the desired role

While there are guidelines, there are no set timeframes for progression.  If you’re talented, ambitious, and meet criteria to be considered for promotion, we’ll give you the right support to progress through your career and you will be invited to progress to the next level. Everyone’s path is individual, but the diagram below demonstrates the possibilities for progression.

The Career model

Graduate → Lawyer → Associate →Senior Associate → Senior Associate and Shareholder → Director

If you are interested in a career at OSheaDyer Solicitors please contact our Office Manger for a copy of our 'Guidelines for Career Progression for Lawyers at OSheaDyer Solicitors'.

We offer:

  • challenging, diverse and rewarding work
  • a high-performance culture based on respect, commitment, honesty and genuine relationships
  • an environment that is friendly, collaborative and professionally stimulating where candor is safe
  • opportunities to learn and gain legal experience and to develop professionally
  • access to the expertise and passion of excellent senior lawyers and paralegals
  • And for lawyers, we provide support and guidance throughout your career, whether you're on the path to becoming an owner in the business or you're more focused on honing your legal expertise in another role.

We are a close team that works together to help people with their legal issues. We focus on providing legal representation and assistance in 3 main areas of law:

We are always interested in adding people to our team who are experienced, energetic problem solvers, who have a genuine desire to help. 
If you are a: 
  • lawyer
  • para-legal or
  • legal secretary
with expertise in:
  • Family Law
  • Injury and Compensation Law
  • Wills + Estates or 
  • Conveyancing
we would be keen to receive your application.


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