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Injury + Compensation Claims

Injury + Compensation Claims

Townsville Injury and Compensation Lawyers

OSheaDyer, No Win No Fee, Personal Injury Lawyers Townsville, assist in personal injury matters including motor vehicle accidents, work injury claims and many other situations where you have suffered an injury due to someone else's fault.


First Appointment Free.  Free Case Assessment.

All Compensation and Injury Claims are No Win No Fee.

Call 0747 725 155 to make an appointment for a free case assessment. If one of our compensation lawyers is free, we will put you through to chat with them now.


Commitment and Support When you Need it

We are committed to our clients and are focused on getting them the best possible results. We do our best to support our clients through this difficult time. We understand that suffering a life changing injury can be extremely challenging. We understand how devastating the effects can be for you and your loved ones. We will do our best to walk with you in transition to a life that is positive and comfortable.

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Your Right to Personal Injury Compensation

In Queensland, you have the right to claim compensation for personal injury when you have been injured because of someone else's actions or negligence (or fault). 

Compensation claims, also known as personal injury claims, arise in many situations but commonly where there has been a motor vehicle accident, traffic accident, or work accident.

Personal Injury Law is complex, time consuming and technical. There are many laws and time limits that apply. If you miss a time limit your case can fall over and you may lose thousands of dollars. An experienced personal injury lawyer who knows the laws and the process, is a must.

Your First Appointment is Free

Anyone wondering if they have an injury or compensation claim can make an appointment with Townsville Personal Injury Lawyers, O'Shea Dyer. We offer free case assessments and won't charge you a cent to discuss whether you have a claim or not.

We offer a First Appointment for free and there is no obligation to retain us.  At this appointment you get to chat with an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer for an hour or more. We find out what has happened and you get to ask all the questions you need to. By the end of the meeting we will know what we can do to help you. You get the chance to have questions answered, obtain legal advice from an experienced lawyer, and get a feel for our firm and integrity. You might choose to retain us as your lawyer. You might not - and that's ok.


NO WIN NO FEE means you don't see a bill until the very end of your successful claim, when you receive your settlement money.  We will send you an account for the time we spent progressing your claim. Our fees are very reasonable. We talk about fees in great detail with you and have a lot of information about fees on our Client Only Information page. 

What to do next?

  1. GET IN TOUCH: Call us for a chat and book an appointment for NO CHARGE to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer.
  2. FIRST APPOINTMENT: Meet with us and tell us your story and get some excellent legal advice
  3. STARTING THE PROCESS OF YOUR CLAIM: We manage the process, fill in all paperwork, negotiate with the insurance company and liaise with experts (doctors, engineers, barrister, etc)
  4. SETTLEMENT: We settle with the insurer or if need be, prepare your matter for a court hearing. Once we reach settlement or have a judgment, we process your payment asap.

* Time Limits apply in all areas of compensation law so it is very important that you contact and speak with a lawyer promptly, so that your legal rights are preserved.

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When you choose O’SheaDyer Solicitors as your Compensation lawyer, you have an experienced team of personal injury legal professionals working on your case.



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