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Introducing Alex

Hi, I’m Alex. Daughter of Ivan. Girl in pink. Blog writer for my favourite law firm, O’Shea & Dyer. Hope you enjoy our stories. May I suggest you start from the bottom and work your way up…

Rockabye Sweet baby James
11th September 2017

‘Girl in pink’ has wafted back to the big smoke for a while. Feeling sad and nostalgic, I’ve picked up a card she wrote to her Pa on his birthday last year. Hey Pa, I’m glad yo...

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Be Cautious with the Bellybutton
28th August 2017

When I was an undeveloped young geezer, I knew all the secrets of the world. I knew that Santa often used the same wrapping paper as Mum and Dad because he was simply economical. I knew that the Eas...

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Bad Devon is Just Devon
17th August 2017

The other day Joanne Roebuck and I; mother and daughter; office manager and blog writer, were spilling over a dictionary of 21st century sayings. All was fine and dandy until we came across ‘bad...

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Back it up like Vinyl.
10th August 2017

Peace, be with the driver who actually knew the lay of the land. Kindness, bless the driver who couldn’t charge me an eight dollar cancellation fee. Joy, don’t you rejoice for the driver...

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Prouder than Christmas Pudding
26th June 2017

Meet the boys. I don’t say that flippantly. You have to be pretty vital to be considered one of the boys Now, we’ve already spoken about these wonderful people from the Food Relief NQ, but...

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The Echo of a Past Life
19th June 2017

If you haven’t already read, this is Townville lawyer, Edward Mark. We call him Eddie. And Eddie is so fabulous he deserves two introductions. Admitted in May of 2016, the entire O’Shea an...

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Hard to Handle
15th June 2017

Even when divorce or separation is a relief, it can still feel like your heart and soul are literally ripped in two pieces. The putting it all back together again requires a reforming of your identity that takes great courage. Coping with personal emotions and working out new ways to manage money, a...

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A Bridge Over Troubled Water
13th June 2017

Blind man’s bluff (yeah – this was pre-internet!) was not always a favourite childhood game of mine.  I laughed with friends as they mischievously guided me to trees, school bags or s...

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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Family Fighting Over It
12th June 2017

If you’ve waited long enough into the inevitable awkward silence of our first conversation, you’ll find that I will probably divert to a go-to topic of mine; music. I’ll tell you ab...

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Simon and Garfunkel
5th June 2017

Meet Townsville lawyers, Ivan Baxter and Edward Mark. These guys are the heart of O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors. They are committed to providing quality legal services for the people of Townsvill...

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Selling Ice to Eskimos
29th May 2017

Ivan Baxter, head of the team at local lawyers, O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors Townsville, also my Padre, is categorically good at making things that aren’t that great look good, and things ...

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No Feet, No Win. No Win, No Fee.
22nd May 2017

We accept all here at Townsville lawyers, O’Shea and Dyer; even people with foot fetishes. If you’re anything like me you’re probably recoiling at the simple thought of being attract...

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A Plea to Protect Shut Eye
15th May 2017

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting these three Townsville chickas, count yourself lucky that you didn’t have to babysit the one found so confidently in the centre As delightfully cheeky as...

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The Billboard We Never Had
8th May 2017

Despite our Townsville presence of over 30 years, we have never truly embraced the potential of advertising. It’s just not our style and quite frankly, we would rather spend the moolah elsewhere...

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Heard it through the Grape Vine
1st May 2017

Hands in the air if you’ve ever stolen a grape from Woolworths. You know what I mean; just to see whether the taste is worthy of your trolley. We, the Townsville lawyers at O’Shea & D...

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Far from the Sausage Factory
24th April 2017

According to Urban Dictionary; a source not often used in an office of law, suggests that to describe something as a Sausage Factory is to propose that an unpleasant process, hidden from public view, ...

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Knick Knack Paddy Whack
17th April 2017

We are usually extremely sensitive with confidentiality. However, with carefully considered permission from the source himself, we have been able to provide you with an exclusive synopsis from a case ...

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The Hairy Temple
10th April 2017

You may know Ivan Baxter as nothing more than your Local Townsville Lawyer. However, under suit and tie, disguised from Two Chairs short-back-and-sides to the feet of Funky Sock Friday resides a templ...

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A Shameful Tin of Baby Corn
3rd April 2017

As mammoth fans of assisting our North Queensland community and as people who wholeheartedly fathom the true beauty of food (hopefully you find that relatable) the O’Shea and Dyer team have made...

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A Far Grander Inauguration
27th March 2017

Personally, I’ve never quite been a fan of the sausage. In fact, I made a pact with myself all through high school that I would never be the kid who would whip out the cold, wrinkly sausage wrap...

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A Love as Strong as the First
20th March 2017

A warning to all: Upon registering for Spotify you will be offered a 3 month free trial of the premium version and you will inevitably accept this offer because who is going to turn down a free trial?...

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To Turn a Cube Into a Square
13th March 2017

Shelleigh, our resident movie buff often delves into the children’s movie spectrum to get in touch with the youth of today; that being her gorgeous son. Not long ago Inside Out was released; a m...

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A Margarita Pizza for the Ages
13th February 2017

Despite his tendency to burn out the infinite supply of Dad jokes, and permanent exertion of the coffee budget, my Dad, Ivan Baxter is truly something special. Sappy as a mango and abundant in the ch...

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The Banana Lacking Debris
31st January 2017

Here’s to our little Bridget. Not a day over 21. In front of her sits a fine looking cake made by the lovely bakers on Kings Road. But behind where that fine looking cake sits, sprints a man wh...

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Welcome to the Second Storey Zoo
9th January 2017

As a little girl the law side of things didn’t really mean much to me. It simply didn’t quite strike the interest of a fresh faced cherub. Frankly, it was boring. However, there was nothi...

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