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We exist to help you. To give you quality and affordable legal service. To make you feel understood and protected. To walk with you towards great legal outcomes and a better future. Call us. And yes, that's right. Your first appointment is free.

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As Lawyers in Townsville, we are 100% local. We have over 30 years of experience and are committed to helping people by providing excellent care, and quality, affordable legal services.

Legal issues arise for all of us throughout life. We do our very best to help navigate people through these issues with the least amount of stress and expense. We can help you with all types of Legal matters. We can advise you on all types of family law issues, a conveyance or a will, sorting out a loved-ones estate, business changes, leasing and traffic or criminal matters.

We are proud to say that we are a longstanding Townsville law firm. We are kind and caring, highly experienced, calm, strategic and optimistic. We work hard as a team to achieve great results for our clients, without charging exorbitant fees. We always strive to connect with our clients and understand what is going on because people and the concerns they have, matter to us.

So what’s with the name? Quite a lot as it turns out. Pat O’Shea and Mark Dyer established O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors in 1983. They provided legal assistance to many people in Townsville before retirement.  Ivan is ever grateful that Pat and Mark gave him a job as a young lawyer back in 1989. Ivan now leads the business with the values Pat and Mark established long ago:  of treating people well and providing quality, affordable legal services.

Townsville Lawyer, Ivan Baxter…
It is very important to me that all of our clients feel understood and well treated and know we are walking with them. We want our clients to receive excellent care and service and to be satisfied with their legal outcomes.

location-markerFind us in the city at 225 Finders Street East. Our doorway is next to Pie House with plenty of carparks directly across the road.

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Ivan was a great help to me and my family.  I appreciated that he is local and was always available to talk face to face. He made me feel comfortable and understood. He’s a good communicator. Ivan’s also really experienced so I knew I was in good hands.
- Simon Roebuck

Simon is a Townsville boy and I’m from the UK. Simon is a nurse and I’m an Anaesthetist. We met years ago at the Townsville hospital and discovered we both loved travel and scuba diving. The rest is history. We are now married and have two cute boys, Jack and William. We don’t travel or scuba dive so much these days!

We go to O’Shea & Dyer  because we think Ivan and his team are friendly, and make things easy. They have always looked after us well. Over the years, they have handled many legal issues for us. Most recently, the purchase and sale of a house and our wills and Enduring Power of Attorneys.

- Berny Roebuck

I’ve been a lawyer for nearly 30 years and have loved every minute of it. It’s a privilege to walk alongside people and help them with their legal issues.

I’m a true ‘general practitioner’ so I handle all types of matters for people.

I have a great team of lawyers, para-legals, secretaries and conveyancers around me. We support each other to get things over the line. We all love helping people and are committed to excellent care, service and results for our clients. We are also committed to being affordable. We have worked really hard to be a small but excellent law firm, who understand the needs of our clients.

- Ivan Baxter
Director of O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors

My daughter and I love the relaxed lifestyle and friendly people of Townsville and spending time in beautiful parks and beaches around the city.

I first went to see Ivan Baxter for some help when my marriage ended and he has been wonderful. He is down to earth, compassionate, cuts to the chase and doesn’t put up with rubbish. He helped me to help myself and was never looking to ‘make money’. He is tough when he needs to be but always looks after people’s best interests – even before they know what those interests are. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer.

- Suzie Llewellyn

I’m Alex; daughter of Ivan; girl in pink. I’m currently studying Arts/Education at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. Despite living in the Big Smoke I seem to have wafted up North to write the blogs for my favourite law firm, which was decided not only in blood. I think it would be fair to say that if I ever needed a lawyer, Ivan Baxter would be my man – even if the family discount wasn’t included. If I were to offer my share on O’Shea and Dyer I would start with how the incredible people working for this firm have touched a little girl’s life; from the womb to the tomb no doubt. I know that these people will care for you like they did me, with kindness and laughter and a trip to the lolly jar if you’re lucky. We’re not talking Home brand either. 

- Alex Baxter
Blog Writer

Jo and I have spent a lot of time developing a small law firm where people feel our genuine desire to help. Everyone on team at O’Shea & Dyer is committed to our clients feeling understood and well treated. We always want our clients to know that we are walking with them and have their legal issues covered. We always want to give the most excellent care, service and results.

We are so proud of our team. We work hard to work well together to get great results and get things over the line for people.

We are proud of our business and love being able to help. And because we are committed to being good stewards, we are proud that we can often give a hand to people in the community when they need it.

- Ivan Baxter and Jo Roebuck

I have lived in Townsville for almost my entire life. I grew up in Rowes Bay and attended St Margaret Mary’s High School. My husband and I, and our 2 children settled in North Ward and have lived there for many years. We love being close to the school, sporting fields, walking tracks, the Strand and the airport! (We love to travel.)

I have been practicing as a lawyer on and off since 2005 and am excited to have joined the O’Shea & Dyer team. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of variety and helping people with the many and various legal issues that present throughout the course of life.

Hope to meet you soon!

Lawyer at O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors

- Cathy Fon

Ivan navigated me through a very difficult time and obtained a result that has enabled me to continue life with minimal difficulty.  He was compassionate, understanding, personal and knew what he was doing.

- Ross Murray

Ivan acted for me in my family law property settlement. It was always so easy to feel comfortable with Ivan and I was able to discuss anything with him (good or bad). The emotional side of any separation and the financial issues that go with it are daunting, stressful and confusing. Ivan always made sure I understood every step of the process.

Everyone at the office is very friendly and truly thoughtful. I am so proud to know Ivan and his team and am extremely grateful to my friend for recommending Ivan to me. Of course, everyone has a downside and Ivan’s is… he makes horrible coffee!

I always recommend Ivan to family and friends. Thanks heaps to Ivan!

- Louise Bull

I needed a lawyer and am so grateful that my Dad suggested I should call a small law firm rather than a large one.

He told me to find someone with experience who really knew what they were doing, and I did! When I called O’Shea and Dyer Solicitors I got to speak with  Ivan Baxter and right from the very first meeting I felt totally comfortable and confident I was in the right hands.

Ivan has been clear and patient with his explanations of the way things work and what to expect.  He is understanding and compassionate and I know he has my best interests at heart. And his fees are very, very reasonable!

- Caroline Stewart

I engaged O’Shea & Dyer as my lawyers when I had an unfortunate incident with a delivery man. I’m usually such a calm personality but for some reason, this guy had me barking and my hair standing on end. He got real cranky at me and started waving his arms around. In the confusion, somehow my front tooth grazed the guys shin…I don’t even know how it happened.

Long story short, O’Shea & Dyer successfully defended me in court and saved me from being declared a dangerous dog. They saved my bacon really (that would be funnier, if I was a pig…) Everyone at O’Shea & Dyer was incredibly supportive in what was one of the toughest times of my life. I will be recommending the team at O’Shea & Dyer to all of my friends and family. I can’t thank them enough.

- Murphy (Murphy’s name has been changed in order to protect his true identity)

This is a photo of me with my 92 year old granddad, Lee Conn who passed away in 2016. Granddad was born in Hughenden but spent the largest part of his life in Charters Towers with my Grandma, Dilla Conn. They owned and ran the Sovereign Hotel for many years. Granddad lived the last years of his life at the RSL Retirement Community at Rowes Bay, Townsville. He was a wonderful ‘gentleman’ who cared for his wife and family. He loved a chat and told great stories about his life and people he met.

As Grandad got older, when he needed legal assistance to update his will or enduring power of attorney, I would go to see him. This is something we do for all of our clients. We understand that sometimes it is difficult for people to come into our office, so we go to you.


- Ivan Baxter

Mark is a Townville boy and owns ‘Advantage Signs’ in Aitkenvale. I’m originally from New Zealand and have lived here for over 10 years.We recently sold our house in Mt Louisa and purchased a ‘renovators dream’ in another suburb of Townsville. Mark called O’Shea & Dyer to do the conveyances and the team looked after everything for us.

Everything went smoothly and efficiently and the experience was made easy and stress free for us. We are finished renovating and are enjoying our new home, friendly neighbourhood and its proximity to school, sports grounds, and shops.

- Jane and Mark Chester

I've been a lawyer for over 7 years and can’t imagine doing anything else. I'm excited to be part of the team at O'Shea & Dyer. I love helping people and solving legal issues. Obtaining the very best outcomes for people with their legal issues is deeply satisfying for me. O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors is an excellent law firm. Clients are well looked after by an experienced team. Experience makes a real difference for our clients. And we are affordable and everyone here is eager to help. 

I grew up in Mackay, studied in Brisbane and worked there as a lawyer for many years. Blake and I moved to Townsville a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. We have 3 young children and we all enjoy the wonderful laid-back pace that Townsville has to offer. Townsville is such a great city to bring up a family and is an easy gateway to many lovely places that are worth a visit.

Lawyer at O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors. 

- Georgina Paterson

We came to see Ivan Baxter some years ago. Ivan listened to our story and helped us with our situation and we are now moving on with our life.

We were careful in choosing a lawyer. There were lots of things that were important to us. We didn’t want a large prominent business to act for us, but it was important to us to have a lawyer in a long established Townsville firm for our security nonetheless. We wanted someone experienced with a personal touch, that we liked and felt comfortable with, who would represent us from start to finish. Our situation was hard enough. We wanted a lawyer who would make things easier and efficient for us.

Ivan Baxter ticked all the boxes.  Ivan always used plain English rather than confusing legal jargon and we have always been comfortable with him when discussing personal issues. Ivan was recommended to us by one of his past clients and we have recommended him to others.

- Peter and Donna Baldey

My mate recommended I go to O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors.  Ivan Baxter and his team have been fantastic. They have been very understanding of my situation and always got back to me promptly whenever I had questions and gave me much appreciated, personal service. They gave me great service and legal representation. I was really happy with my legal outcomes. Ivan’s fees are very reasonable and I will be recommending him to anyone I know who is in a similar situation to me.

- Terry Brown

I have come to see Ivan for various legal matters over the years. He always does a great job for me and I'm always really happy with my outcomes and his service. I have also recommended him to family and friends. Ivan’s very down to earth, really easy to talk to and get along with and doesn’t baffle you with legal bullshit. And he’s always reasonable with his fees. 

- Steve Jones

Ivan Baxter was recommended to me by a lady I work with. I wish I had gone to him straight away as it would have saved me extra heartache. When you are in a highly stressful situation that you have never been in before - such as a divorce and property settlement, and you are confused and unsure what to do, I highly recommend having a chat with Ivan Baxter and his team.

Dealing with O’Shea & Dyer was a breeze – always there, always getting back to me and always giving the best advice. They gave the best legal advice I've received and they are the best firm I have dealt with in Townsville by far! 

I felt like my interests were at the heart of everything they did on my behalf. I was listened to and my concerns were addressed with no nasty 'surprises'. All information was communicated to me very clearly and the fees were reasonable and affordable.

Thank you for all of your wonderful work that made the last step of a 4-year separation process from my ex-husband, easy and stress-free!

- Dr Elena Konovalov

We first went to see Ivan many years ago. Ivan navigated our way through what was a very difficult time for us and obtained a result that has enabled us to continue in our lives with minimal difficulties.  Ivan was compassionate and understanding and really helped us through.

He was professional and personal. We really appreciated having him as our lawyer.

Since then, we have considered O’Shea & Dyer to be our lawyers and they have handled various matters for us over the years – things like arranging our wills and conveyancing in the purchase and sale of our home and investment properties.

- Ross and Bron Murray

I owned and operated Jesse’s Paint shop in Kirwan, Townsville for over 17 years and recently sold the business to retire. I’m looking forward to doing up my boat and going fishing with my beautiful wife, Pam. We’ve been married for over 45 years this year!

I used to live near the O’Shea family as a boy and have always gone to Pat O’Shea for legal work – like when my mum passed away and when I bought the paint shop.

Pat has long retired from O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors, but everyone in there is so lovely that when I was selling the business, I went back and Ivan and the team looked after things for me. They were great and I have been very, very happy with how they handled the sale of the business for me.

- Jesse James

I have used Ivan Baxter as my lawyer for several different law matters over the past 10 years. Ivan is always approachable and non-judgmental and his advice is always sound and trustworthy. Ivan and his team have supported me through some difficult times. I know I couldn’t be in better hands with him as my lawyer.

I love recommending Ivan Baxter and OSD to friends and have done so many times over the years. They are great with family law matters (child related issues, property settlements, etc) wills and enduring power of attorneys and lots of other things too.  

- Katie Zamykal

Burleigh Heads is great! We moved our family from Townsville to relocate to the southern end of the Gold Coast recently.

O’Shea & Dyer did the conveyance on our old house in Townsville and our new place here at the Coast.  Ivan and his team made everything so hassle-free.

We had a lot on our plate with moving, finding a new school for our boys, renovating both houses and selling and buying a new home. O'Shea & Dyer really looked after us during a very busy time. We can't speak highly enough about them.

- Wayne and Kari Benn

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