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Client Only Information

Client Only Information

for Compensation and Injury Claims.

The Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 (PIPA) sets out restrictions on the advertising of personal injury services. Their are restrictions that apply to the internet which includes websites and social media.

Our website can only state our name and contact details, along with very basic information about the laws that apply and the possible claims that can be made, and how we charge fees (eg.  Your first appointment is free and  we are a No Win No Fee for all Compensation Claims.)

It is not acceptable to have information available to the public that is specifically about how fees are charged, the contents of a Costs Agreement, our reputation or results, or to publish client testimonials or stories.

Once you are Client however, we are able to discuss all of these things freely with you.

If you are a Client of OSheaDyer, this page is the gateway to helpful information.

What can you do to access the Client Only Information?

  1. Call our Office. We will identify you as our client
  2. Obtain the login and password
  3. Enter your login and password in the boxes below
  4. Read through helpful information at your leisure
  5. Call us if you need further explanation on anything

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