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No Win No Fee and No Uplift!

What does No Win No Fee really mean? 

If you retain us as your lawyers for your compensation claim, we will act for you on a No Win No Fee basis.

We understand that most people who are injured or ill are not able to pay a lawyer or for medical and expert reports until their claim settles or is finished. 

No Win No Fee simply means there are no fees to be paid unless you receive settlement money for your claim. It also means you don't pay fees until your claim is settled.

If your claim is unsuccessful, we will not seek reimbursement of any fees or expenses.

Call us or contact us via email to make an appointment for a free case assessment. If one of our compensation lawyers is free, we will put you through to chat with them.

What does No Uplift mean?

This is where many people get caught. We encourage anyone retaining a lawyer for a compensation claim to find out at the very beginning - or even before they retain a lawyer, how they will be charged.

Our fees are based only on the time we spend progressing your claim.  

We have hourly rates for the different people who work on your claim. The rates are linked to their experience and qualification. There are many law firms who charge similar or higher hourly rates for their time plus an ‘uplift’ fee of up to 25%. We don’t charge an ‘uplift fee’ or extra fees for ‘care and consideration’.

At Your First Appointment...

In your first appointment we listen to your story to find out what has happened and how you were affected. We can then carefully determine whether you have a successful Injury Claim, Compensation Claim or an entitlement to a Superannuation TPD Claim. Depending on your situation we can discuss with you the possibility of a Common Law claim, a Workers Compensation Claim, Motor Vehicle Accident Claim, or a Work Injury Claim and what to do moving forward in order to progress towards a settlement.

How much will the Fees be?

At your first appointment, we will give you the best estimation of fees we possibly can. It is impossible to give a really accurate estimation until your injuries have stabilised. We can certainly talk to you about what they might be depending on your recovery.  Our professional fees are always very reasonable.  We are committed to you receiving as much of your settlement money as possible.

We charge fees based on the time spent working on your matter and never calculated as a percentage of your claim. Our hourly rates are very reasonable. We recommend you check out the hourly rates of other lawyers before you sign any agreements AND find out if they are charging an uplift fee as well.  There is huge variation in how firms charge fees. While this may not matter now, it will definitely matter at the end.

We will give you a formal estimate of fees and costs in a Costs Agreement at the outset of your matter and will discuss fees with you throughout your matter. 

Costs Agreement

All lawyers are required to provide their clients with a Costs Agreement that contains a fee estimate. We will give you a costs agreement soon after meeting with you and explain it to you. You can then decide whether to retain us or not. We go to great lengths to ensure people understand fees and we are committed to being as open and transparent as possible.

There are always many unknown factors in a claim.  Sometimes unexpected things come up that need investigating. Many professionals charge their time to prepare reports (eg. doctors, expert witnesses, barristers).  Every claim requires its own strategy so that the best outcome can be obtained. Some take longer than others. Regardless, unless your claims settles very early in the process, there will be many people involved in your claim.  Many hours, weeks and months of work go into completing a compensation claim. 

Our fees or ‘professional fees’ is the amount we charge for time spent working on your claim. Expenses are outlays needed to progress your claim and they include things like doctors reports, expert reports and court fees. These can add up to thousands of dollars. We only incur these costs if it is necessary for your claim and to get you the best outcome. We engage an external company to cover the costs of these items. This company charges interest to do this. Th fees are paid back at the end of your matter when you receive your settlement money. There are also occasions where some of your costs are paid by ‘the other side’. 

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