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Wills - Estate Planning 

If you are over 18, have property, family and loved ones, you should have 

  1. A carefully drafted Will 

  2. An Enduring Power of Attorney  and

  3. A Superannuation Binding Death Benefit Nomination

*If you have assets (excluding superannuation) in excess of $1 million dollars, you should consider having a Will that contains a Testamentary Trust. 

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Having your ducks in a row is a wonderful gift to leave your loved ones. Our prices are as reasonable as possible and when we do a Will, we always include an Enduring Power of Attorney for free.

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My husband and I had our Wills done by the Public Trustee a few years ago. We didn't have much. When my husband passed, the Public Trustee wanted more than $4,000 in fees, to close 2 bank accounts that were at the same bank. There was no Probate and no transfers to prepare. This was exorbitant!  My friend recommended OSheaDyer to me. I saw Townsville Wills and Estate lawyer Cathy Fon who was very helpful. I  was devastated though as the Public Trustee were the  executors of our Wills, and there was nothing we could do about the fees and I have had to pay them. If we had gotten our wills done by OSheaDyer, and appointed someone else as the executor, our estate fees would have been less than $1000.  Cathy was wonderful. I have since had a new Will and Enduring Power of Attorney prepared by OSheaDyer for myself, and it will be worth every cent! In fact it will save me money and most of what I have left will get to my children which is what I want more than anything. Thankyou Cathy! 

- Margaret, 2020

Everyone should have a Will and an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA).  

One of the kindest things you can do is to have a carefully drafted Will. This means, when you pass there is less stress and heartache for your family and loved ones.

As you get older, or if you become unwell, having an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) allows others you trust to help manage finances, banking, property and  health matters. This can make your life much easier.  An Enduring Power of Attorney must be created while you have capacity.  At OSheaDyer, we think it is so important to have an EPA that when we prepare your Will, we prepare your EPA for free.

Also, if you have a superannuation fund, it will be important to have a Superannuation Binding Death Benefit Nomination. We can discuss this with your at your Will preparation appointment.

Please don't trust any DIY will kits! And don't have your Will prepared by the Public Trustee. Make sure you have a lawyer you trust carefully prepare your Will and estate planning documents.  It is very important to obtain legal advice from an experienced lawyer when making your Will. 

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We have helped many people over the years with Wills and Estate matters.

OSheaDyer Solicitors have been operating in Townsville North Queensland since 1983. We have many years of experience drafting Wills, Testamentary Trusts, Enduring Power of Attorney documents and Administering Estates for the families of people who have passed away. We can also advise on the rights of disappointed family members or beneficiaries who wish to challenge a will.

Testamentary Trust Wills

Testamentary Trust Wills are for people with substantial assets or for those who want extra control over the distribution of their assets.  We usually recommend people have a Will containing a testamentary trust if they have assets exceeding $1million dollars (excluding superannuation). Do You Need One?

Testamentary Trusts are special trusts that can be created within your Will.  They come into effect after your death, and give the Trustee power to make decisions about the distribution of your assets, including how and when to distribute the assets.  People with substantial assets generally find it extremely beneficial to create a Testamentary Trust.  Do you need a Testamentary Trust?  

We can advise and assist you with:

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