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Wills and Estates

We have helped many people over the years with Wills and Estate matters.

As lawyers in Townsville, we would love to help you too. Ivan Baxter has over 25 years experience drafting wills, enduring power of attorney documents and administering Estates for the families of people who have passed away. Ivan Baxter and Edward Mark are always available to speak with you over the phone or to discuss what needs to be done in person. Occasionally, illness precludes a person from coming into the office to make a Will.  We are always available to come and see you.

Our fees are very reasonable and we are happy to give you a quote over the phone.

We are experienced in the making of Wills and the Administering of Estates. We can also advise on the rights of disappointed family members or beneficiaries who wish to challenge a will.

We offer all of our ‘Wills and EPA’ clients a free review service every 3-5 years as we think it’s important to check that your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney always reflects your wishes. You may feel sure there is no need for review and that’s great. We encourage people who are uncertain, to make an appointment to discuss their will. If you decide that changes are not necessary, there is no charge for this appointment. If your Will and/or Power of Attorney documents do need updating, we are available to do this for a reduced fee that is 25% off our usual price.

We provide a free safe custody service where your original documents like your Will and EPA are kept in a fire-proof safe at our office.

We always encourage people to make a Will and to appoint an Enduring Power of Attorney. It is very important to obtain legal advice in the making of a Will. It is a wise and kind thing to do for your family as it provides clarity and certainty in a difficult time and reduces the likelihood of a dispute after you are gone.

We can advise and assist with:

  • Wills
  • Estate Planning
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Administration of an Estate
  • Probate and Letters of Administration
  • Estate Dispute Resolution

O'Shea & Dyer Solicitors are experienced with wills and estate law. Townsville is a community we treasure and we are available to help Townsville and North Queensland people with all types of will and estate matters. Drafting wills, testamentary trusts and enduring power of attorney documents should be done with the utmost care, as they have considerable consequences for your family.  If you want to safeguard your estate and your family's interests, we would love to help you. Please contact us today.

Some info about making a Will

To draft your Will, we need to know who the beneficiaries of your estate will be. These are the people who you wish to ‘leave things to’. We also need to know who you wish to appoint as the Executor of your Will. It is common to have your spouse as Executor, or a couple of family members or a trusted professional.

The Executor is the person who ‘Administers’ your estate. ‘Administering your Estate’ is the process of ensuring your property, money and all other items are passed onto your beneficiaries. When matters are straightforward, the Executors can attend to this independently. Sometimes it is necessary to apply to the court for a Grant of Probate or if there is no Will, for Letters of Administration. If you owned real estate, it can be necessary to make a Transmission Application. These are all things a lawyer can do for you. Ivan and Edward work with Executors to promptly identify assets and liabilities of the estate; attend to any legal applications that are required and to the distribution of the estate proceeds in accordance with the Will.

Download the Wills and Estates Flyer

Some info about EPA's - Enduring Power of Attorneys.

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) authorises your attorney (who is usually your spouse or a trusted member of your family) to make financial, health and other personal decisions for you in the event that you become temporarily or permanently incapacitated. It is very important to appoint an Attorney under an EPA before you become incapacitated. It is too late once you become incapacitated.

Download the EPA Flyer

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