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Workers Compensation Claims

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I have had an accident at work and have been hurt/injured. Do I have a Workers Compensation Claim?

If you have an injury from something that happened at Work you may have a Workers Compensation Claim. These claims are dealt with under the Workers Compensation Rehabilitation Act which covers all work-related injuries in QLD.
When you call us, we will ask you:
- About the accident
- About your injuries
- The date the accident occurred
- Where it happened
- Your employers name
- If a WorkCover claim has been commenced
If you have not applied to WorkCover you have 1-2 months from the date of the accident to do this.
We’ll make a time for your free appointment as soon as possible to talk to you about this and to discuss obtaining some medical expenses and weekly benefits from WorkCover.
If you have applied to WorkCover:
We will want to know how far along you are in the WorkCover process and if you have received a Notice of Assessment.
If you have a Notice of Assessment, you should NOT respond to that notice. You should be getting urgent legal advice. The 20-day reply period is not compulsory. It is there to pressure you to accept.
We will also ask for your full name, contact details, and how you found us.
We can arrange a time for your free appointment to discuss your claim in more detail as soon as possible.

A work accident claim may arise when you have suffered an injury at work that is due entirely or in part to the employer failing to provide a safe system of work. A work injury claim is made against the employer’s insurer, which is usually WorkCover Queensland.

If you suffer an injury at work it is important that you obtain legal advice as quickly as possible as time limits apply.

Work injuries can include: 

  • Injuries that occur while travelling on your way to/from work or while working
  • Injuries that occur at work
  • Diseases caused by your work

Workers Compensation Claims

If you are hurt at work, you are immediately able to lodge a claim for workers compensation with WorkCover Queensland. This is sometimes referred to as a 'Workers Compensation Claim'. This usually results in WorkCover paying your wages and your medical treatment expenses for a period of time while you are unable to work due to your injuries. 

If you do not completely recover from your injuries and are left with a permanent impairment, WorkCover will offer you a lump sum payment.

It is essential you obtain legal advice before accepting any lump sum payment, as this can preclude you from pursing a common law claim for damages against your employer.

Common Law Claims

In addition to a WorkCover claim, you may also have a work injury claim where you can sue for damages. This is referred to as a ‘common law claim’. There are a number of steps involved in this process. Your damages or compensation claim can include money for past and future medical expenses, rehabilitation and pharmaceutical expenses, loss of income, care and assistance, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

In Queensland, you have the right to claim compensation for personal injury when you have been injured because of someone else's actions, negligence, or fault.  Regulations in Queensland provide that only certain information regarding personal injury or compensation claims can be published on a law firm's Website. 

If you would like detailed information regarding our services in this area, we would love to meet with you to provide more information. This is a Free Consultation.

Compensation claims, also known as personal injury claims, arise in many situations, but commonly where there has been a motor vehicle accident, traffic accident, or work accident.

Suffering an injury that leaves you changed can be the most challenging and difficult experience of your life. We understand how devastating the effects can be for you and your loved ones. We want to walk alongside you in the transition to a new start in life where you can put your injury behind you, and move forward with the rest of your life. A life that is positive and comfortable.

Time Limits apply in all areas of compensation law so it is very important that you contact and speak with a lawyer promptly, so that your legal rights are preserved.

People who suffer a physical or psychological injury due to the actions or negligence of someone else can seek compensation in a Personal Injury Claim.

An Injury or Compensation Claim may arise in the following situations:

For more information about

Work Injury or Workers Compensation Claims:

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