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Tip Top was Never the One

Mum made me vegemite sandwiches on Helga’s wholemeal bread all through primary school. They were edible for a while, but eating healthily has never been my strong suit. I just wanted some bleach blonde Tip Top loaf.  

Whenever the Tip Top ad came on, my heart rate went through the roof. I bled green for the kids who could smile and say, ‘Tip Top’s the one, good on you Mum. 

Mentally, I ended up in a really bad place. Physically too, I guess.  I’d wait behind the toilet block to swap sandwiches with Tayla – the only living being I’ve ever come across to prefer wholemeal bread.  

But when Tayla moved on to bigger and brighter bread species such as rye, I was left to stash my sandwiches in the bottom drawer of my desk. It was here they accumulated over the course of a year.  

I ended up with about 50 shrivelled up pieces of fungus that stunk like Devon wrapped in burnt hair.  

Wikipedia tells me that moulds produce allergens, irritant and often toxic substances. God must’ve sympathized with me, because no one died that year.  

But if they did and I was a parent, I’d be straight to O’Shea and Dyer to sue the perpetrator. I’d totally take legal action against myself if I was someone else.  

 As Townsville lawyers, who care about people, we can help you.

Local Townsville Lawyer, Ivan Baxter has a passion to help people who have suffered unjustly. With second to none service and experience built over the course of 30 years, we ensure the best possible outcome for your legal issues. 

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