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The Significance of Accuracy

Situated in the heart of Townsville City for many years now, Townsville lawyers O’Shea & Dyer, have seen many neighbours come and go. For example, the storefront below us may now be a Subway and a hairdresser, but it was once an Adult Shop. 

I remember sitting up the front of the bus with my preschool teacher driving down Flinders Street East towards the highly anticipated Reef HQ Aquarium excursion. We were working through a few global issues when I suddenly felt compelled to point out the whereabouts of my father’s office to ol’ teach. 

I waved in the general direction of the Adult shop and he responded withOhhhhhh at a frequency fit for the soprano section. He gathered himself and asked me what my father did. With a confidence yet to be paralleled, I told him in my best grown-up pre-school voice that my dad was a ‘Li-ar’.  

The bus driver, who was clearly eavesdropping then let loose in a boisterous fit of laughter. He just would not stop laughing. It was actually quite disturbing. It seemed that I was so funny I had inadvertently endangered a bus full of pre-schoolers 

And what if things had gone badly? What if the bus had gone down in a fit of laughter?  

Well, I guess we wouldn’t have to worry all that much; because O’Shea & Dyer lawyers (Townsville) resided directly above that Adult shop. Ivan Baxter and the O’Shea and Dyer team have a passion to help people and have been doing so for the past 30 years. 

And there, on Level 1, 225-229 Flinders Street East, that Townsville law firm remains to this day; ready to help you.

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