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The Hairy Temple

You may know Ivan Baxter as nothing more than your Local Townsville Lawyer. However, under suit and tie, disguised from Two Chairs short-back-and-sides to the feet of Funky Sock Friday resides a temple.

Yes, his body is a temple. Our nonchalant Ivan Baxter has turned to the elegance of yoga. But let me tell you friends, there’s naught graceful about his downface dog.

I suppose you could call this yoga endeavour an escape; a means to reflect. And if Ivan Baxter was technologically savvy and knew what a blog was, he would have me fired for sharing the above. Because the truth is, it’s been more for the health benefits than the spiritual intimacy.

Ivan Baxter is adamant in his quest to be at his best for you. Sharing only a few of the benefits reaped in the practise of yoga, Ivan is relishing in the deeper sleep, his improved immune system and balance, his attentive focus, and flexibility. So expect big things; your Local Townsville Lawyer lacking the purple bags, consistently perky, and flexible not just in figure, but to your needs. Contact us for a fresh faced, but far from freshly experienced lawyer.

In light of this new found yoga culture, we invite you to join us on the path to peak health. And whilst we may not be ready to give up on Sausa Friday or our lolly jar, the flight of our resident yogi will forever be aflame. We would now like you to remove your shoes as you enter our premises. Joking.

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