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The Echo of a Past Life

If you haven’t already read, this is Townville lawyer, Edward Mark. We call him Eddie. And Eddie is so fabulous he deserves two introductions.

Admitted in May of 2016, the entire O’Shea and Dyer folk have been overwhelmingly dazzled with his genius. Despite his recent induction, Eddie has picked things up like a bricklayer to a brick. In fact, rumours have started circulating claiming that our very own Edward Mark was a lawyer in a past life. However, that may be the jealous making excuses for the brilliance they lack. But he’s ours, and we’re planning on keeping him around.

Luckily for you, he lawyers better than he fishes; an endeavour he truly cops it for. Especially from Bridget who giggles at his mullet whilst holding her Emperor. Just to clarify; Eddie doesn’t have a mullet, he caught one. We probably wouldn’t have given him the job otherwise.

Oh Eddie, our dazzling scuba diver, member of the toastmasters club, rugby league supporter, and affiliate with the NQ fly fishers club is in everything but a bath – indicative of his heart for the Townsville community and love for its people. Not a kilogram over 70, Eddie still manages to stomp down the corridor like an elephant, and it’s not even an anger management mechanism because Eddie doesn’t get angry. He’s as cool as a cucumber and as chilled as a properly served XXXX.

Here’s to Eddie. With rapidly gaining knowledge and experience in many areas of general practise, Eddie is fulfilling his genuine desire to help by giving quality, affordable legal advice to people in Townsville. He is unfailing. He always gives excellent care, service and results, and always with a smile on his face. To Summarise: Eddie loves his girlfriend so very much that instead of buying her Ruby the dream puppy who wasn’t matched to unit lifestyle, he bought her a pair of ruby earrings instead; making the smart yet still exceptionally delightful choice. That’s what you want in a man.

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