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The Brain Behind the Land of Rain

Sometimes I run out of things to do. And when that happens, I end up on Buzz Feed. In recent travels, I have come across a segment on how weird England is. And despite my utter love for redheads with heavenly pipes, fish and chips done right, premier league soccer players and gravy that wasn’t conceived in a tin – I really do agree. 

Because from this segment, I was directed to another segment surrounding the strangest compensation claims in history. And from here, England’s weirdness was confirmed.  

Cathy McGowan of Derbyshire England was overjoyed when a radio company called her to spill the beans that she had won a Renault Clio. However, when she arrived at the station to claim this prize she was handed a four inch model of the car.  

The Derby County Court ruled that the radio station had to pay up eight thousand pounds for a real car. 

And that there is sufficient evidence that England is weird.  

In the land of the green and the gold, success doesn’t come this easy.  

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