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The Billboard We Never Had

Despite our Townsville presence of over 30 years, we have never truly embraced the potential of advertising. It’s just not our style and quite frankly, we would rather spend the moolah elsewhere.

O’Shea & Dyer has survived and thrived, relying on the word of mouth recommendations of past and current clients.

But with the modernisation of our media accounts, we thought it would be swell to show you, if we were given the opportunity, how we would advertise; a virtual billboard if you will. Our billboard would be plain and simple to convey our honesty and efficiency. The words would be strong and forthright, just like our team. The message would be subtle yet relatable, similar to our humour.

You may be wondering what inspired this kind of message. Well, if you’ve been acquainted with any large scale law firms you’ll be sure to come across the widely renowned ‘No Win, No Fee’ campaign for compensation claims. And upon asking a randomly selected civilian this was evidentially what attracted them to a larger firm. What people don’t know, is that this kindly worded offering, is likely common to all law firms conducting a negligence claim.

So we want you to know, if we at O’Shea & Dyer run your compensation claim, it’s definitely ‘No win, No Fee’. AND one more thing... the fees payable at the end, are reasonable.

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