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The Banana Lacking Debris

Here’s to our little Bridget. Not a day over 21.

In front of her sits a fine looking cake made by the lovely bakers on Kings Road. But behind where that fine looking cake sits, sprints a man who has only moved this fast once before. You see, my Dad: Ivan Baxter; Townsville lawyer and supreme photo bomber, has a new found respect for the colloquial cake. Not long ago he woke up far too early for a Saturday to bake a banana cake. Mum, my little brother and I stood in the kitchen doorway mesmerised by his passionate movement; similar to that shown above. For someone who previously couldn’t have been less inspired to bake, his haste filled focus was incomprehensible. He whipped that banana cake out of the oven, laid it to rest, and then decided he couldn’t wait. He tossed it over, watching his new born fall to rubble as his eyes swelled like balloons. Resilience was verified the next morning, with a second attempt at the banana cake. All going well he pulled it out of the oven and placed it to cool beside the bananas he had forgotten to include. Whilst abundant in offerings of legal advice, Ivan Baxter, one of Townsville’s best general practitioner lawyers, cannot quite reciprocate the same demeanour in the kitchen; though thoughtful nonetheless.

Ivan Baxter, Townsville Lawyer is far more proficient at practicing law than cake making.

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