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Selling Ice to Eskimos

Ivan Baxter, head of the team at local lawyers, O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors Townsville, also my Padre, is categorically good at making things that aren’t that great look good, and things that look good even better.

It’s a talent of his, and probably reason for the lack of concern we feel towards his coffee addiction. Because the second the subject of ‘too much’ is whispered, he seems to have a vast array of researched points on the issue prepared. He’ll share them with you, and in the shock and awe of a tender gentleman turned tenacious tiger, you’ll forget what you argued in the first place.

I suppose that’s how the other side feels; smacked with charisma and poetically spoken fact; a magnificently natural performance slowly parented over the decades. It might be a compensation claim, a Family dispute, a contract dispute, Wills, Estates, Commercial leasing, a conveyance or a civil dispute, a traffic or criminal offence… Townsville lawyer, Ivan Baxter is a man to have on your side.

I found this (his brilliance, that is) out only last year after rocking up for work experience. I have since politely declined the possibility of studying law, because I don’t like the thought of being on the other side of someone like Ivan Baxter, my Dad. I’ll ever never understand how someone can simultaneously collaborate such sympathetic kindness and brutal honestly. It catches you out.

So somehow, after years of coffee loathing denial I find myself sitting, with coffee in hand at a desk across from an amused Ivan. I get to write the blogs thankfully... If anybody is going to achieve a brilliant outcome for your legal dispute, it is Ivan Baxter; the one who can sell ice to an Eskimo; or coffee to a coffee hater.

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