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Naughty but Fun

I decided to compile a list of things that we fellow homo sapiens do, whilst consciously aware that we should not do what we are about to be doing. The Townsville lawyers at O’Shea and Dyer agree.

  1. Plucking your eyebrows: A great way to save money and simultaneously wreck a perfectly appropriate face.
  2. Scratching an Itch: A fantastic way to make the itch even itchier than it originally was.
  3. Picking a scab: This one is somewhat advantageous. When you pick a scab a new scab is formed which means that you get to keep picking scabs. That is, until it gets infected and your leg falls off.
  4. Throwing a ball for a friend’s dog: That dog is literally going to want you to continue doing this for the rest of it’s life without intermission. Why is it especially regretful with a friend’s dog you may ask? Because you can’t yell at a friend’s dog to leave you alone.
  5. Downloading games to your phone: This is not a good idea, friend. Tiny Wings has the potential to take hold of your life.
  6. Putting off fuelling up: You’ve no doubt rolled to an almost stop on the Bruce Highway and fuel prices have gone up 20 cents from the time you thought to yourself “She’ll be right mate. I’ll fuel up next time I pass a servo”.
  7. Putting general waste in the recycle bin: Polluting the Earth with your toxic waste and destroying the longevity of future generations isn’t half as bad as putting your recycle rubbish in your general bin…
  8. Avoiding the responsibility of ensuring that your family is cared for financially, even after your passing: Yes, this is where I link this list of Don’ts to the humble Townsville Law firm, O’Shea and Dyer.

Having a Will carefully drafted by a lawyer is something that you should do, and something that you should want to do. A correctly drafted Will ensures provision for the people you care about and ensures that you leave your property to the beneficiaries you intend.

And luckily for you, O’Shea and Dyer law firm Townsville are here to make this happen by the most affordable and simple means. 

The Townsville Lawyers at O’Shea and Dyer are your lawyers for life. Not only do we help the people of North Queensland with their Wills and Estate matters, we serve in all matters of a legal regard.

We are every lawyer in one place. We can help you with Wills and Estates,  family law matters and all matters in between.

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