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Lady Is No Lady

Taking the responsibility is not the same as wearing the blame.

However, If nobody took responsibility for anything, nothing would ever get done.

This correlates to many legal circumstances that we experience on the daily at O’Shea and Dyer Law Firm Townsville.

But to put this into context I feel it necessary to expose you to a childhood memory that I will forever hold close to my chest.

My brother (Harrison) and my cousin (Nick) were building a tepee in the backyard of our early years.

They were slaving away; destroying trees, digging up earth, working up a ripe old sweat.

Mum brought down some green cordial, as beer would’ve been inappropriate to give a 4 and 6 year old, but found a cute little package on her way down.

She called the boys over to the location of the package and pointed right at it.

“Now boys...”, she said sternly.

And before she could even finish the rest of her sentence which would’ve gone along the lines of…

“Lady (our dog) has dropped a steamer in the yard and I just wanted to let you know and show you its whereabouts, so you don’t stand in it.”

… poor little Nick heard the tone in Mum’s voice, saw the faeces in the grass in front of him and immediately assumed that she was pinning the affair on him.

“IT WASN’T ME,” the small boy announced to what could’ve been a global stage.

And that was that. Nick couldn’t find it in himself to take responsibility for another person/dog’s mess. And despite this being totally and completely fine as he was 4 years old and it wasn’t a life altering situation - in another age and time and circumstance (so basically an entirely different scenario, which weakens my argument a bit), this could’ve been devastating.

As a Townsville Law Firm we see the effects of misplaced or ill-timed responsibility. It’s easy done.

This is often occurs in the circumstances behind the compensation Claim (Townsville) department.

Time Limits apply in all areas of compensation/injury law, so it is very important that you contact and speak with a Townsville lawyer promptly in order to preserve your legal rights.

Seeking legal advice could be the difference between a life of financial stress and pain or a life that is positive and comfortable.

We encourage you to get legal advice!

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