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Hot Toppik

These days a buzz cut is a political statement. It says, ‘I don’t conform to your standards. I care about my appearance so little that I am willing to look like an egg and somehow still rock it.

My brother, son of Townsville Lawyer Ivan Baxter, in true hipster fashion decided that vanity was beneath him. He took to the Brad Pitt inspired level 3 buzz cut like a bee to the hive.

It was all well and good. The big blue eyes and lack of a double chin made up for the fuzzy noggin.

But then the young grasshopper decided to tidy up a few strays.

And tidy these few strays, he did. However, my brother Harrison forgot to re-attach the level 3 comb to the buzzer thereby creating a large crater of bald, bare, naked skull.

Clearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Mum and I were left with 10 missed calls on each of our respective phones.

Running down to Coles to source a miracle product, Harry ran into his vice-principal who indicated that he ‘sort it’ to avoid spending each lunchtime in the office.

He came home a mess.

Life was not worth living at this point.

But then our blessed Aunty Bronwyn sent through a photo of a product sold at Priceline Pharmacy.

We sat waiting out the front of this chemist from 7:30am. And thank God we did.

Because we found Toppik; a product containing hair fibres made of pure keratin protein charged with static electricity. These fibres form a magnetic attraction and therefore merge the fibres with thinning hairs.

Toppik saved my brother’s life.

If you’re not following, Toppik is a metaphor for O’Shea and Dyer Townsville Lawyers. We are Toppik.

As your No win, No fee lawyers Townsville we are a small Townsville Law firm with a heart for people. We aim to reflect this in all we do. If you have a legal issue, please call us to make an appointment. Our numerous areas of specialisation allow us to act as Family Lawyers Townsville, Estate Lawyers Townsville, and many areas in between.

We’ll put the hair back on your head, the grace back in your tread and the good night’s sleep back in your bed.



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