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Hey Geroni-NO

You probably remember that song ‘Hey Geronimo’ from way back. By that band with the chick who has blue hair. Yeah, they were great for all of five minutes.

Whilst they slowly faded, my dreams did not. For three years now I have felt an undying urge to feel what it feels to have dry, tacky yet expensive, blue hair. I know that it’s a terrible idea, I do. Blue murder if you will.

If you follow Townsville law firm, O’Shea & Dyer’s blog you may have heard - I jumped out of a tree into The Ross River last year. I’ve mentioned it a few times and despite my pride, even I know its old news. You see, I’m in pursuit of my next thrill.

Skydiving costs an arm and a leg and an attractive Go Pro video of your skin undulating in the atmospheric pressure like a Spanish Dancing sea slug being chased by a shark. Skiing requires snow and we’re yet to summon rain. Rock climbing necessitates co-ordination. Not only do I lack this, but I cannot touch flour without gagging. I dig leather jackets, but every time I hear a Harley start up I lose control of my bladder. Overall, adrenalin sports require skill, money and enthusiasm. All of which I do not have.

‘Where is your zest for life you young, silly girl? Where is your sense of adventure and lust for les escapade?’ you ask.

But just like all of the above, blue hair could mark the end of my career. It’s one of those things I’ll have to live out in retirement.

I’ve decided to live happily nonchalant. Some risks just aren’t worth taking.

I feel the same way about Townsville lawyers. I’m not willing to hand over such an important role to any old (young or middle aged) geezer. Even if my adventurous spirit got the best of me, my audacity would cease in my selection of quality legal representation.

The effects of a serious injury can be devastating for you and your loved ones. We wish you 'help' and someone to walk alongside you as you transition to a life that is positive and comfortable.

Never will your blue hair reflect a blue heart with our No win, No fee lawyers Townsville policy.

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