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“I love it when Grandma calls and you question whether you rung her yourself. She replies to your initial ‘Hello who’s there?’ with ‘Yeah?’ and it puts everyone in a tizzy. I love Grandma’s spaghetti more than life itself. Probably because there’s no vegetables in it. I love it when we go to Woolworths together and she gives the cashier a rating out of 10 – not for his bagging skills, but his looks. She’s always keeping my love life in mind. I love watching Grandma’s modelling career take off, even if it flourished later in life for Castletown’s Taking Shape. I love looking to my left at the cinema and smirking at the ‘poor beggar’ who’s drunk on popcorn while I delicately peck at my corn meat sandwich. I love any formal occasion where cheese puffs are involved. I love her sweet little night gowns and tight little curlers. I love that Grandma loves Grandad.

I love the pickle stains on Grandad’s shirt. I love that he has more apps on his iPhone than hairs on his head. I love that it takes 10 minutes to find anything in his study. I love that amongst his mild hoarding talents, I managed to locate the collection of R rated movies. I love that sleepovers include a trip to the Upper Ross, with Brumbies coupon in hand, and a few cents saving in the bank. I love that Grandad takes advantage of the senior’s discount at McDonald’s. I love that he gets angsty when the kids at church steal all of Grandma’s sandwiches, despite his obvious first dibs. I love watching him speed around Carlyle Gardens on his fold up bicycle. I love that Grandad loves Grandma.

This is a section from the speech my brother and I gave at our grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary a few years ago. It’s still completely relevant, but I’m not entirely sure they’ll make it to 60 years. Not because Grandma and Grandad are splitting the sheets, but because life is often shorter than we would like it to be.

Lasting relationships are rare. They are few, far between and highly sought after.

At O’Shea and Dyer Solicitors Townsville, we feel incredibly privileged, that in our 37 years of protecting and serving the people of Townsville, we have formed loyalties and relationships that have lasted many a lifetime. We have seen parents, and then their children walk through our doors and we feel proud of what we have fostered.

We read through the testimonials on our homepage and feel as if we are doing something right. We protect our clients. We have created a judgement free environment where problems are solved and lives are changed for the better.

This year has been one for the ages. In the last 12 months we have welcomed 3 new lawyers into our team: Jodi Dingwall, Tyla Leo and Emma Donald. We have also welcomed Rochelle Glasheen into our growing administration team, and my goodness are we excited. These incredible women are a step towards the growth and unceasing purpose of O’Shea and Dyer Solicitors Townsville.

The team at O’Shea and Dyer look forward to our future, continuing to create and manifest lasting relationships with our clients and the Townsville community. Call us today on 4772 5155 to book your first appointment. When you engage us as your lawyer, you come under our protection and receive quality affordable legal advice. O’Shea and Dyer Solicitors are your lawyers for life.

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