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Fathering Adventures

Darren Lewis and Melissa Lewis, founders of Fathering Adventures are going straight to heaven.

But first I digress.

My Fathering Adventure taught me many things.

One of these being how to make an anklet.

This was such a significant skill to acquire as my 12 year old crush at the time wore a rugged plaited leather band around his wrist and a few woven strands of mouldy wool around his ankle. I had found our common thirst.

I pulled his name out of the hat for Secret Santa that year. It all got a bit out of hand. Unlike most recipients, my man(-child) received about 50 hints, drastically improving the class average of 3. Each hint was attached to an anklet that I had made whilst hidden under my doona the previous night, weaving away like a mad woman(-child).

I’d listen to Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me through the earphones of my 3rd generation Ipod Nano because I related to the music video in that he was cool and I was not. The first bout of unrequited love.

My Fathering Adventure equipped me with the skills to become the world’s creepiest Secret Santa.

But that’s just for humour’s sake.

Like I said, Darren Lewis and Melissa Lewis, founders of Fathering Adventures are going straight to heaven.

They have four sons, a daughter (in law) a little baby grand-daughter and a passion to partner with parents to raise whole and healthy men and women who have been fathered intentionally. They are excited about facilitating strong and healthy relationships in families.

And frankly, you can’t comprehend the true extent of this idea unless you experience one of their adventures.

Catering to 7 years onwards, Darren has sculpted 3 or 5 days worth of father-son or father-daughter adventures in various locations across the east coast of Australia. Between the white water rafting, motocross, sea kayaking, jet skiing, snorkelling, horse-riding and hiking there are numerous intentional opportunities to look your Dad in the eye and feel something meaningful and everlasting. These were incredibly great memories, for my life.

When my Pa spoke to me, about what he loves about me and how important and valued and lovely I am… well, I don’t cry much, but I cried. My little heart was bursting with love. I can’t tell you how much love I feel from my Pa. And whilst I didn’t need a Fathering Adventure to know it, the fact that he dedicated 5 days to making sure I knew it made it real.

Townsville Law firm, O’Shea and Dyer, wholeheartedly support Fathering Adventures and believe that you should consider being there for what Darren Lewis has to share.

As family lawyers Townsville we have seen, first-hand, the importance of intentional parenting. In the event of separation, understand that O’Shea and Dyer Townsville lawyers work hard to facilitate good relationship between parents and children. 

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