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Be Cautious with the Bellybutton

When I was an undeveloped young geezer, I knew all the secrets of the world.

I knew that Santa often used the same wrapping paper as Mum and Dad because he was simply economical.

I knew that the Easter Bunny was so in tune with his customers that he gave my cousin pitted olives and pickled onions due to a chocolate intolerance.

I knew that the tooth fairy often waited a few days before exchanging tooth for dollar because she valued patience.

I knew that if you wanted a baby you pressed the button in the centre of your stomach.

I had it all sorted out until my six year old best friend poked me in the button and my entire system of values fell to the ground. Turns out I actually didn’t know all that much.

There have been many less tormenting revelations since. In fact, yesterday I learnt that if you are seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident at work or elsewhere, or struck by a serious illness, it is all too likely that you would be entitled to file an insurance claim. Many superannuation policies include insurance in the event of a Total Permanent Disability.

So if this applies to you, best you see a Townsville personal injury lawyer!

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