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A Shameful Tin of Baby Corn

As mammoth fans of assisting our North Queensland community and as people who wholeheartedly fathom the true beauty of food (hopefully you find that relatable) the O’Shea and Dyer team have made it a matter of mission to support the Food Relief NQ.

Run by Toby Kelly and with the help of 26 dedicated volunteers who also share in our love for the community and of course food, the warehouse is no doubt a constant buzz. Like footy players training for a grand final, they meticulously pack the blessed Family Relief Hampers, ready to fill the bellies of our needy North Queensland families and school kids. With support from a swag of amazing individuals, charities, the TCC, Companies and businesses like Townsville lawyers O’Shea and Dyer, Food Relief NQ touches those they help and those who help.   

As a school leaver who ashamedly forgot her canned baby corns in grade 7, I can honestly say that unlike leaving behind mathematics, being involved in this program was never something I wanted to throw to the gutter. It’s a lifelong duty that is joy.

So take from this what you will. And if you’re having trouble, let me plant the seed to save you an unwanted association with an Earth Worm. We have the heart of the community constantly in mind. We want to be actively helping. And we hope that this shows you as a prospective client or someone simply stalking our blog page, that we are loyal, generous, and pride ourselves in looking beyond our salaries. We are not here to take advantage of vulnerability, but to truly make a difference in our little slither of the world. And today, that entails donating towards a portion of the 200,000 kg of food annually distributed by Food Relief NQ.

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