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A Plea to Protect Shut Eye

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting these three Townsville chickas, count yourself lucky that you didn’t have to babysit the one found so confidently in the centre

As delightfully cheeky as she is, she will not go to bed, even if you pretend to call the police. So you can only imagine the trauma experienced by her parents upon deciding to sell their house in the midst of this phase of their youngest daughter’s life. Many fake phone calls to the police I suspect.

And in a glass half full kind of tone, all children have their quirks. My thing was to question every statement that was ever made by anyone I felt comfortable enough to annoy. ‘We’re going to the movies,’ declares Mum. ‘Why?’ says me. ‘Because we can,’ states Mum. ‘Why?’ proclaims me. ‘Because we live in a free country where women have the right to leave the house.’ replies Mum.  I suppose you can probably see the vicious wheel of rotation forming here.

All small talk aside, buying or selling property is a stressful process only to be enhanced by the worry of cheeky monkeys. So let us, your Townsville lawyer, lighten your load; the easier, non-breathing load. The O’Shea and Dyer team would love to help you with the conveyance of your home or investment property. Edward Mark, Robyn Mullins and Ivan Baxter will guide you through the process so that it is pain free and affordable. Our fees are reasonable and our service is second to none. You sort out sleeping patterns and answer the overflowing whys while we interact with banks, agents, solicitors and government authorities.  We don’t want you wasting whatever Z’s you can muster.

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