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A Margarita Pizza for the Ages

Despite his tendency to burn out the infinite supply of Dad jokes, and permanent exertion of the coffee budget, my Dad, Ivan Baxter is truly something special.

Sappy as a mango and abundant in the cheese category, my father has had such an influence over my life and has hopefully rubbed some charm onto my shoulders. I have been so exhaustively loved by my Dad and will never feel as if he forgot, like so many, to tug on my plaits and intentionally remind me. When I first arrived in middle school my dad took me on a Fathering Adventure run by a beloved friend of ours, Darren Lewis. I’ll never forget the last night when my Dad lined up amongst the fathers to present his hand written speech. He’s smooth, my Dad. So smooth that he had both of us crying our eyes out. Fathering Adventures, a Townsville based yet Australia wide run program has given both my brother and I, a suite of gorgeous memories that will never make the Vinnies donation.

You see, my father, alongside 30 years of experience has a real big, weighty heart for family law. He understands the fragility and severe importance of family; relationships with children, and property related issues. It would be simple, and probably attractive in terms of word count for me to tell you that Ivan is a father who has a family and for some reason that makes him your man. But the truth is my father is your man because he’s a dad; a term far more personable and telling of his motivation to practice law in this area. He’s invested, understanding and determined to better the future of you and your children.

To create memories such as my own please visit Fathering Adventures.

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