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A Love as Strong as the First

A warning to all: Upon registering for Spotify you will be offered a 3 month free trial of the premium version and you will inevitably accept this offer because who is going to turn down a free trial? You will thoroughly enjoy those 3 months of ad free, offline, music and life will be glorious.

But then you’ll strut to your morning coffee and the skip button will cease to exist. You’ll whine for a day without Spotify Premium telling yourself that you cannot afford the monthly twelve dollar fee. But a few short hours later you’ll pledge to drinking water in replacement of that morning coffee.

That’s what happened here at O’Shea and Dyer. We fell drastically in love in the space of three months. We have collaborated and schemed and fought for the righteous and finally have brought to you the most legendary assortment of playlists within our brand new Spotify account; ‘’. We guarantee, just like our No Win, No Fee policy on all compensation claims, that our material is something special.

The thoroughly great Obama said, upon being asked what inspired his presidency answered, “Well I couldn’t be Bruce Springsteen.” And taking these words of divine wisdom into account, we birthed Easy Campese, a continuum of Ivan Baxter approved classics rich with the artist who is seated above the President of the United States. We don’t usually encourage polygamous relationships, but this time we’ll share. Fall in love with Spotify too. And then throw us a cheeky follow at ‘’. Do yourself a favour.

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