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A Fifth Leg to the Face

I’d be lying to say that my life has been abrupt with close calls. I’m not one to walk on the wild side.

The closest I’ve come to death was last year. Convinced by a boy, I somehow ended up at the top of a colossally high tree, swooping over the banks of our beloved Ross River. There was a rope attached to this tree, hung for the purpose of those who were stupid enough to swing from the highest branch and into the river.

I stood at the top of this tree for a solid twenty minutes contemplating every mistake I’d ever made and how it would affect my place in the afterlife. Way too cockily, I jumped.

True goodness, I was a king. As I waded around the base of the tree, I was glad, proud and wholeheartedly sound that I was one step closer to becoming a lad.

Yeah, don’t stress. I’m wondering how this relates to a law firm in Townsville too. Maybe I’m gonna tell you about our no win no fee Townsville law firm. Is this a tale where a compensation claim in Townville is sought? Or is there a twist…

Busy being cool, I managed to ignore the large bitza of a canine (who I later learned to have a collapsed larynx and therefore an unreasonable bark) run up the trunk of the tree (don’t ask me how) and jump off the tallest branch with such a mighty trajectory that this whole chunk of an entire dog landed on my head.

0.02 seconds before my latent death, all I could do was gaze upwards at four legs, a dirty fifth between the hind, and the shrapnel-against-a-cheese-grater laughter of its collapsed larynx. I knew death was ugly, but the thought of that fifth leg being anywhere near my face was enough to prematurely induce the concussion, which I would later nurse.

Luckily for you, I’m still alive to share with you my last fleeting thoughts. The final thing that passed through this cranium of mine was, ‘Oh dear. I forgot to write up an Estate plan.’

With over 25 years experience drafting wills, enduring power of attorney documents and administering Estates, your local Townsville lawyers from your local Townsville law firm O’Shea and Dyer are always available to discuss your situation. If illness precludes, we will come and see you. That’s service.

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