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A Far Grander Inauguration

Personally, I’ve never quite been a fan of the sausage. In fact, I made a pact with myself all through high school that I would never be the kid who would whip out the cold, wrinkly sausage wrapped in alfoil at lunch break, chewing it down like a popsicle.

Contrary to popular acclaim, the classic Bunnings Snag has lost my vote these days. It’s all a ploy to reel you in to the indoor kilometres of home improvement isles. I also offer a stern no to an English/Indian collaboration; the Sausage Curry.  As a traditionalist, it’s just not ok.

But here at O’Shea and Dyer we can’t resist a certain type of sausage. It comes wrapped in a blanket layer of puff pastry, lulled at a crispy 180 degrees, topped with herb for sophistication. This specific sausage roll will forever remain the sole reason behind the inauguration of Sausa Friday, italicised to emphasise holiness; an inauguration far more dignified than the recent. We found him at the Pie House downstairs and can’t let him go. He’s consistently good. And frankly, even to the tongue of an anti-sausage activist, Sausa Friday is a real highlight.

Drop your curried sausages, bin your shrivelled up alfoiled snags, pass on the log encased in 99c loaf. Grab yourself a sausa roll this Friday and pass a few pennies to our gorgeous local Pie House. We, Townsville’s Local Lawyers, care about our sausas, and of course our fellow local businesses, but more importantly we care about your wellbeing. Down a sausa roll out of devotion to the soul.

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