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A Burger Called The Barefoot Investor

If you search O’Shea and Dyer lawyers Townsville , right up there, next to no win no fee lawyers Townsville, is our longstanding, ‘new client giveaway’. We reckon Scott Pape (The Barefoot Investor) has indeed written the only money guide you’ll ever need.

As a ‘home for the hols’, footloose and carefree, college student from Brisbane... I have been put under house arrest. I am Chappelle Corby; peering through her small barred window onto the streets of Indonesia. Walkers by waddle past, satay skewer in each hand, unaware of life’s implicit beauty.

This is what it feels like to be five pages into The Barefoot Investor in the Baxter household. The ultimatum given: Until I finish this fine piece of vital and wildly entertaining prose, in Townsville I will remain. There will be no messing with Ma and Pa Baxter on this one.

The Barefoot Investor now sits in the Reception of O’Shea & Dyer; on the Baxter family’s kitchen bench; in the homes of many of our clients and beside the bible across bookstore shelves Australia-wide. Scott Pape has got the Australian public in the palm of his sweaty little hand. Five pages before page five I was against this whole movement. This little burger is destroying the future of fictional literature.

But I now understand the necessity. Sarcasm aside, he is onto something. Whilst I learnt how to find ‘x’ (something I don’t intend on revisiting) I sure didn’t learn about money management in high school. I have absolutely no knowledge of the things in this book and yet I find them highly relevant and I actually understand what I’m reading. Praise be. And I am soaking it up. Rejigging accounts, setting my splurge amount, stoking up my mojo…

As I sit at my desk at OSD, a colourful display of stock photo’s ‘bare feet’ search results riddle my screen. What image should I marry with Scott’s book… why yes, it looks as though I may have a fetish of the foot. But most importantly, yes, I’ve kinda had a change of heart towards Scott Pape and I’m going to take my bare feet (and coins) down a bare foot path of freedom.

His foolproof, easy-to-read plan towards a financially secure and lucrative existence has transformed the lives of everyday Aussies who simply had the motivation to follow his straightforward steps.

A mere 10 metres away in our reception sits a stack of The Barefoot Investor. We’ve put them there for you. Just ask when you come in for your next appointment at your Townsville law firm and she’s yours. Your Townsville lawyers at O’Shea and Dyer want you to read this purely because you’re important and we care about you.                                                                                      

Unlike myself, you can read freely, curtesy of O’Shea & Dyer, lawyers, Townsville.

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