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A Bridge Over Troubled Water

Blind man’s bluff (yeah – this was pre-internet!) was not always a favourite childhood game of mine.  I laughed with friends as they mischievously guided me to trees, school bags or stray tennis balls that I tripped over.  Sometimes it ended in tears and scraped knees but thankfully, it was also fun, especially when it was my turn to watch my mate stumble over things. Good old schoolyard games, eh?

I sometimes remember this game when we meet a client whose ex-partner has been ill-advised by their lawyer. Where there are bold claims that seem too good be true (which means they probably are) or where negotiating something simple becomes difficult and time consuming. I never understand this stumble to run up unnecessary fees and create stress. We reckon the last thing you want when you are separating from your partner and finding a new way to care for your kids, manage finances and sort out property, is a lawyer who makes things difficult.  It only ends in tears, and costs you more in fees and personal stress.

As your local Townsville lawyers, Ivan Baxter and Edward Mark, give sensible and practical legal advice to help you reach resolution with the least amount of stress and expense. We want to take the heat and stress out of your situation and help you get back to being the best Mum or Dad you can be. We want to find solutions so you can move forward with your future financially.

We understand that divorce and separation incurs legal bills on top of your reduced income, so our fees are very reasonable. When clients have a property settlement, we often defer payment of fees until the property is received. We want to help you start your new life without adding further financial burden.

We may have referred to Ivan Baxter and Edward Mark as Simon and Garfunkel in our previous blog. More because they are a bridge over troubled water, than a folk rock duo. They are also smart, know what they are doing, don’t muck around, and are the most down to earth, compassionate, genuine guys you could meet. And they are committed to providing affordable, quality legal services.

If you are looking for a family lawyer or a divorce lawyer in Townsville, we’re happy to have a chat to discuss all of your concerns. Call us to make an appointment. For our family law clients, the first appointment is always free.

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