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The Time is Right

It is a very strange thing, looking out the window. There is nothing sinister about the birds or the sun or the way Autumn finds itself turning to Winter - despite the fact I’m lying to myself and it’s definitely still Summer. There’s nothing criminal about the lack of peak hour traffic or the fact that I don’t have to listen to the Brisbane Boys College Bagpiper’s Ensemble practise every Sunday at 7am. I catch myself forgetting that something bad is happening, because it’s such a quiet, unseen thing. In saying that, I know for some people, it is a lot harder to forget.

Some of you are living the same essential life you have always lived. Routine has hardly changed; except you risk your health and the health of your family when you turn up to work each morning.

Some of you have lost sleep worrying where the next however long will leave your business. You are adapting like never before because your staff and clients are important to you. You are working harder than ever before to maintain a livelihood.

However, some of you have been cursed with something you’ve never had time for – an abundance of just that – time. I say cursed because you have most likely lost something to find yourself in this position.

We feel for people in all of the above positions. We are sorry this has happened. The economic devastation of COVID-19 is something that has been on everyone’s mind, ours included. One of the few things keeping us sane, is the fact that we are all in this almighty pickle together.

With all the sincerity we can muster, and through the heartfelt lens of a committed, family run law firm with 37 years of experience and achievement – we believe that now is a good time to grasp at the curse of time and make it somewhat of a blessing.  

Rain, hail, shine or in the middle of a pandemic, we are here to help. Now is a good time to have your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney created. It is a good thing to do.

The team at O’Shea & Dyer, your local Townsville lawyers, will walk with you. When you engage with us as your law firm, you come under our protection and receive quality, affordable legal advice.

Our Fees are extremely reasonable. When we prepare your Will, we prepare your Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) free of charge. Prices for Wills start at $440 for a single person and $660 for a couple. Appointments can be made at our office, by Phone, Skype or Zoom.

Stay home if you are able, stay grateful, stay positive, stay connected and productive.

The team at O’Shea & Dyer are here to help you with all of your legal needs.

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