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The Early Bird

Sometimes we have to share the limelight. So, this week I’ve asked one of our Family Lawyers, Jodi Dingwall to share with us and give the advice that only an experienced lawyer can give.

On Wednesday mornings Jodi Dingwall represents herself, and O’Shea Dyer Solicitors at a Business Networking International breakfast. She is the early bird, and Boy George does she get that worm. Recently, Jodi Dingwall was asked to share with the Network about her practice.

And now, I hand my rhinestone encrusted microphone over to Jodi Dingwall.

Going through a separation can be quite an emotional time. Although daunting, making an appointment to speak to a family lawyer is a great way to get the necessary information with respect to your rights and put your mind at ease.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and you may have specific questions you would like answered. However, during your initial consultation, it’s common that your questions escape you. You may not be able to answer a question asked by your lawyer because you cannot recall in that moment, or it might just be that you are overwhelmed and generally quite nervous about the prospect of this small, but large step towards change.

I want you to get the most out of your first meeting with a family lawyer. How do you do that? The short answer is to be prepared.

Where there are children, you may be asked questions in relation to your child’s date of birth, health, education, or any other matters which may affect the safety and welfare of your child.

You may also be asked to provide details of any care or spend time arrangements with your children, so it is important that you think about any proposals you may wish to put forth. If the parties have attended mediation or another form of counselling, we would ask that you bring with you any parenting plans drawn up by the mediator, certificates of attendance and/or completion in addition to any relevant text messages or emails between the parties, in relation to the children.

Having this information available in the first meeting will allow me to discuss options in relation to what time each parent should spend with the children and if necessary, what safety provisions are available to protect the children during their visits.

Where you are seeking a division of property, it is best to have with you a list setting out your asset pool - this will assist me in being able to determine what outcome is likely to be achieved.

O’Shea Dyer Solicitors offer first time appointments for our Family Law Clients at a low fixed fee of $220. This is a one hour appointment with an experienced family lawyer. The purpose of this appointment is to give you realistic advice about your situation. We advise you on the next steps you should take and what we can do for you as your lawyers. We talk about the cost and your expected outcomes and if you engage us as your lawyers, We Protect You.

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