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Not all Curry is Good Curry

Caucasians love Butter Chicken. It’s a well-known fact.

I’d love to know the statistics. What percentage of Caucasian Australia can’t help but order Butter Chicken at Indian Restaurants nationwide? Tell me.

Today, it is my purpose to encourage you to be adventurous. Branch out with a Rogan Josh. Try the Vindaloo. Experience the Korma. Dip your toes in the Saag. Anything other than Butter Chicken.

I say this out of the kindness of my heart.

Last week I went to an Indian Restaurant in Brisbane an hour before my flight back to Townsville. A friend of mine (who admittedly is not Caucasian) ordered the Rogan Josh. Ashamedly, but like any Caucasian woman would, I ordered the Butter Chicken. And it was great… until it came back up again. And again. And again. Best plane flight ever. All whilst my companion who ordered from the Rogan Josh variety was left untouched, with dignity intact.

The next day, scrolling through my Facebook feed I stumbled across an article posted by the Courier Mail. It read: Indian Restaurant charged thirty thousand dollars for incorrect handling of food. Rat and Cockroach faeces found on premises and in food.

The same restaurant that I had visited the previous night.

And honestly, that was almost enough to induce a second episode.

I guess you’re wondering how this is relevant in the field of legal blogging. So am I.

But here is my attempt.

Going to a big firm is like ordering butter chicken. See, you think you like butter chicken, but that’s only because you’ve only ever had butter chicken. Butter chicken caters for the masses, but one day it’ll wreck you man.  

When you book your first appointment (which is free by the way) with O’Shea and Dyer, do not fret if it’s a bit of a shock to the system. At first you won’t know what’s going on. A similar feeling to ordering a curry separate from the Butter Chicken variety. New, inconceivable flavours that will rock your world.

We promise you will appreciate our 30 years of experience. We do Wills, Family Law, Compensation Claims and all areas of law in between. We are committed to helping the people of Townsville with excellent care, quality, and affordable legal services. We want to help, and we’re not just saying it.

I’ll leave you with this.

In a field full of Butter Chicken, be the Vindaloo.

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