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Running from the Walker’s Perspective

Last week we spoke about the golden child of O’Shea and Dyer Townsville Law Firm, Sam Stewart.

This week we speak about his polar opposite.

 That would be moi.

 Unlike Stewart, I am about 25 years of training and a new genetic footprint away from the 2020 Olympics. 25 years of training for something that is 2 years away. It’s just not going to happen Janet.

 In the time it takes Stewart to return from his daily sprint to Charters Towers – I’ll have just finished tying up my first shoelace. That’s how skilled I am in the exercise procrastination department.

 I’m flat out shaving my legs out of self-preservation so the whole aerodynamic aspect will never be a consideration for me.

 All in all, it really isn’t as frequent as it should be.

 But every now and then the guilt is too much. And that is when I begin my 2-week health kick.

 For example, at the start of this year, I wrote down in the notes section of my phone what I thought was an achievable exercise goal.

‘Do enough exercise to cancel out all the hot chips you eat.’

On the 4th day of Project Fitness my shin splints were so incredibly painful that I decided to stop at a bench and cry.

In this period of rest, I pulled up the Uber app on my phone to see how much a ride home would be, realized I was extremely poor and then listened to Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer to calm myself down.

My advice in times of suffering is to sit down and have a think. A good, hard think.

To add to that, have a cry.

 I did. I really did. I was breathlessly sobbing.

And then I remembered that it’s hard to run without legs.

So I called O’Shea and Dyer Law Firm Townsville.

I wish I was joking. I literally called O’Shea and Dyer Solicitors and asked to talk to my mum. Because she gets how hard exercise is. I purposely didn’t ask for Dad because he’d probably be ashamed that he assisted in my creation.

But in all honesty, and rhymed for your convenience, before you can progress you must clean up your mess.

I’m not talking about exercise anymore. I’m talking about your legal needs.

Legal issues arise for all of us throughout life. As your local Townsville Lawyers we do our very best to help navigate people through these issues with the least amount of stress and expense. We can help you with a will, sorting out a loved-one’s estate, all types of family law, motor vehicle accidents, anything really.

As Lawyers in Townsville, we are 100% local. We have over 30 years of experience and are committed to helping people by providing quality, affordable legal services.

P.S. That photo is 500% not of me.

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