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Bring Back Angelina.

And it’s extremely justified.

Could someone please tell me who decided to animate Bananas in Pyjamas?

Could someone please inform me as to why the gorgeous drawings that became Angelina Ballerina have morphed into a pixar production?

Who is the cause of this travesty?

As I sat in front of ABC this morning I lost all hope for humanity. And I didn’t have much to start with after hearing that Brooklyn 99 was suspended.

But the thing about the whole Brooklyn 99 ordeal is that it was fixed. The suspension was corrected and the world took one large, harmonious sigh. O’Shea and Dyer Townsville law firm greatly contributed to this sigh.

Nobody fixed these major breaches in the upbringing of Australian children. No one put the art back in Angelina or the heart back in Banana’s in Pajamas.

Why are we not asking these thought provoking questions? Why are we so desperately trying to improve things that are already perfect? It’s like giving a child Botox. Unnecessary.

I felt empty, cheated on and old.

I sat down that morning to greet an old friend. I wanted to feel the warmth of their kind embrace. I wanted to feel familiar.

For this very reason O’Shea and Dyer lawyers Townsville have decided to remain as steadfast as they came. Sure, we’ve kept up with the times where it counts. We’re on our way to becoming paperless!

But otherwise, your Townsville Law Firm O’Shea and Dyer are the furthest from plastic and discontinued. In fact, we’re more than thirty years continued. Thirty-plus years of connection with people, and genuine care for our clients.

We are Townsville lawyers who have decades of experience under our belts and a burning passion to assist you in legal matters, big and small.

We can help you with all of your legal issues. From Family Law to Wills and Estates and everything in between.

So, next time you question the quality of humanity or the destruction of kids television shows, remember that we, your local Townsville law firm, promise to remain true. Sit down to an old friend.

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