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Rockabye Sweet baby James

‘Girl in pink’ has wafted back to the big smoke for a while. Feeling sad and nostalgic, I’ve picked up a card she wrote to her Pa on his birthday last year.

Hey Pa, I’m glad you were born hey. It was a pretty monumental day I’m sure. I’m glad you grew up in the bush and came out reasonably normal. I’m glad you fell in love with my mumma and worked through a few messy issues. Thankyou for making just enough mistakes and just enough good choices to make up the time of your first ray of sunshine (me). I love you to absolute bits Dad. I’m so grateful for your consistency. When I’m at college, my heart hurts a bit when I think of extended amounts of time without an auxiliary chord Jam in the car with my Pa, watching you mow our fantastically lush grass from the TV room, hearing you call my name from the warehouse door of Entropy with my coffee in hand, your skillfully cringe worthy jokes, watching you text with one finger… I just adore you Dad. You are all things good, all things sweet, all things lovely. I can’t wait to sit beside you at James Taylor and cry to Sweet Baby James - with the man who used to hold little bubby me in his big daddy arms and dance me to sleep…

We are a Townsville law firm who knows how important it is to make sure, despite separation or divorce that our precious kids have a way to maintain and hopefully flourish in their relationship with their mum and dad.

Townsville family lawyers, O’Shea & Dyer, are here to help you when you need to sort through the legalities of separation. As separation lawyers in Townsville, we can help with sorting out property matters and especially with arrangements for your kids. We give practical, sensible advice to help you reach a good outcome for your family as you navigate change.

If you are in need of a divorce lawyer in Townsville, please call us and come and meet Ivan Baxter (girl in pink’s dad) or Edward Mark to arrange an appointment. The first appointment for our family law clients is always free. We would love to help you.

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