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Resilience is no Child of Perfection

I was asked to write a blog on the subject of family law so that’s what I’m doing (clearly not taking the subtle approach today).

I usually write about a personal experience, somehow link it to O’Shea and Dyer law firm Townsville, and then find a photo to accompany. But today my noggin has decided to employ a standard of creativity not dissimilar to that of a rock. We’re working off the photo today.

My intention in choosing this picture was to remind you that life is not an iStock photograph.

Remember the time you quilted a teepee from Italian linen and hung a copper bulb from within to enhance the aesthetic? You know, when you accidentally shone the torch light directly into your child’s pupils and he just looked at you sweetly and giggled. Fireflies filled the room, acknowledging the magic of your most successful DIY project to date – somehow surpassing the toilet paper stand made out of second-hand vinyl. You catch a glimpse of your lover and his gorgeously unkempt (but essentially kempt) facial hair and you remember why nothing would please you more than to make your gourmet poached chicken, strawberry, mint and lemon crème fraiche on ciabatta for His lunch.

You can’t remember because it never happened. Life just doesn’t look like this. It’s far less boring. I suppose you could call me a cynic, and I’d probably agree. But friends, life is way more complex than an iStock photo. Babies don’t respond well to torches in their eyes, facial hair never looks this good and poached chicken, strawberry, mint and lemon crème fraiche on ciabatta get real old real quick.

And arguably, this is why the world decided to create the beautifully sculptured hunk of an organism called The Lawyer. Because human beings are human, messy, and sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned. And for this reason, Law Firms are generally avoided. They remind people of mistakes.

But they’re actually pretty good at fixing them.

If you are looking for Townsville family lawyers, rest assured that we have a burning passion to help you. We want to take the stress out of your situation so that you can be the best Mum and Dad possible. As your trustworthy separation lawyers Townsville, we will help you manage change so that you can move forward with your future.

Townsville law firm, O’Shea and Dyer pride themselves on availability, affordability and genuine care.

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