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Hard to Handle

Even when divorce or separation is a relief, it can still feel like your heart and soul are literally ripped in two pieces. The putting it all back together again requires a reforming of your identity that takes great courage. Coping with personal emotions and working out new ways to manage money, assets and debt takes energy. And for many, the most important part of this reforming is making sure children feel loved as they go through monumental change, they don’t really understand.

O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors are Townsville divorce lawyers who understand the legal aspects of separation and divorce are the very tip of the iceberg. We know what really goes on is heart level, emotional and exhausting. We want to walk with you through the changes and carry the burden of legal issues for you. We want to take some of the heat and stress out the situation by giving practical sensible legal advice that is affordable and resolves your legal issues in a timely manner.

As Townsville separation lawyers, we are in the loop with other agencies that might be able to help you. We’ve put together a short list that might be helpful.

So the song suggestion? Well, as Townsville divorce lawyers, we can’t make all your dreams come true, but we reckon listening to this song will put a smile of your face and have you tapping your toe.  Because when you get to the other side of separation you are going to feel great. And ‘what you want, you’ve got and it might be hard to handle.

For Counselling and Mediation Services

Relationships Australia-

CentaCare -

Family Relationships Centre -

For Info on managing money and creating a new budget:

Info about Separation and Divorce from the Family Court

A Divorce Coach’s guide to easing the Pain


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