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When you go to the Americas, you apply for an international visa.

When you apply for an international visa you answer a series of yes and no questions online.

When you answer a series of yes and no questions online you take very specific notice of each and every question you answer yes or no to.

For example, say for the question ‘Do you intend on conducting any terrorist activity upon entering this country?’ – you would probably want to ensure you correctly tick the box labelled ‘no’ (because this is the correct answer!) and of course, to ensure the approval of your visa.

Because, as you would suspect, if you were to answer ‘yes’ to this question you would perhaps be denied entry and your luxury Hawaiian holiday that was booked months in advance would be tossed to the wind.

Plus, your name would feasibly be put on a ‘persons of interest’ list. And as suggested by O’Shea and Dyer Townsville Law Firm that’s not something you want because overseas travel is the 8th wonder of the world.

And this my friend, is why you shouldn’t put your husband in charge of booking a holiday.

My Aunty Al learnt this valuable lesson last month.

And the thing I love most about this story is that Uncle Geoff only made this mistake on Aunty Al’s application. Uncle Geoff is free to roam the beaches of Hawaii as he chooses, but Aunty Al is taking a little trip to the Embassy to sort this mess out...

Hence the office of O’Shea and Dyer Lawyers is made up of predominantly women. Because men miss things that have an atomic impact. And some are not quite as ‘I.T.’ savvy as they may think… (yes – we know it was the mouse Uncle Geoff).

Whilst it is important to O’Shea and Dyer Solicitors that all clients feel understood and well treated, we are also able to ensure productive legal outcomes because of our women.

Without Shelleigh, Robyn, Bridget and Jo working alongside the men in the office, your Townsville Law Firm has the potential to be a right royal mess.

These women pride themselves on accuracy, time efficiency and excellent care. Alongside Ivan and Edward, I suppose you could call O’Shea and Dyer Law Firm the dream team.

As a side note: if your ‘significant other’ ever slips with the mouse on your visa application and you are inadvertently recorded as a potential terrorist, we have 30 years’ experience in the ‘Separation Lawyers’ department.

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