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Welcome to the Second Storey Zoo

As a little girl the law side of things didn’t really mean much to me. It simply didn’t quite strike the interest of a fresh faced cherub.

Frankly, it was boring. However, there was nothing quite like a trip to the office of Townsville lawyers, O’Shea & Dyer...  an old TV; a colossal fossil, now replaced by the silky plasma.  I would trip to the lolly jar in the periods of static or sneak out the back for a nice long whiff of the fumes of Subway resurrected from the South. It wasn’t overtly special, but the magic of the office remained in its little creatures.

You’ll walk in to find Sam or Tyla who, true goodness, makes a mean coffee or tea. If you’re waiting you might hear Bridget, who’s been celebrating her 21st birthday for a few years now. She’ll make you laugh, Bridget. But don’t muck with her when she’s working on a Family Law file or a lease. And to her right sits Shelleigh. She’s the compensation personal injury para-legal we can’t live without. We also can’t live without her Netflix recommendations. Rob might walk past and smile. It’s the quality kind. Clients love our Rob. She looks after conveyancing and she gets a constant feed of thankyou emails. We love our Eddie too; Edward Mark, our hippest lawyer, who has an understandable JT crush, and a laugh to die for. Eddie looks after Wills, Estates, EPA’s, TPD claims, Family Law matters… he’s a true general practice lawyer. And then there’s my Mum, Jo. She bought plastic animal figurines to represent each of our personalities for Christmas. And of course my Padre, Townsville lawyer, Ivan Baxter. A real gem, this one. Whenever my stomach calls for coffee I politely ask him if he would like me to pick one up for him. He says yes and then shouts me one; which is what I was going for the whole time. No shame.

And I think that’s why I fell in love. These little creatures, whilst all are brilliant at their jobs, have a trump card. They made one of the top 10 natural bores of this world (a Townsville law office) something engaging, and interesting to a little girl. And they like me, and I like them right back.

If you’re looking for a Townsville lawyer to look after you, these guys are quality.

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