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Tonya Hard-Knock-Life

Look, I have a few problems with Townsville, the leading of which happens to involve Event Cinemas.

I like Event, I do. However, whoever decided to drop this cinema in two locations was out to get me.

The last 3 trips to the cinema in Townsville have been hell.

We arrived late, lined up for 20 minutes to get our tickets and then realised at the counter that we were at the wrong theatre. The movie we had set out to see was showing at the other campus. And whilst Event Central and Event City are two respective premises, their titles actually mean the same thing.

So running thirty minutes late, we (Alex Baxter, Harry Baxter and Townsville Lawyer Ivan Baxter) finally sat down in our overpriced Vmax seats at the Event City site to watch ‘I, Tonya’.

Even without 30 minutes of crucial background information this movie was outrageous.

If you haven’t heard, it tells the true story of Tonya Harding, famous for the orchestrated attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan and as a two-time Olympian figure skater – written in specifically purposeful order.

Disowned by her father and abused by her mother and husband, Tonya Harding had no idea that her husband had hired a hitman to assault her competition for the 1994 Olympics; the husband who had slammed her up against walls and pointed a gun at her head. Whilst Nancy Kerrigan’s attack was brutal, it was also public. Tonya’s attacks were physical and psychological, many in number and behind closed doors.

I hate that the truth is a game of Chinese Whispers. Ask anyone before this film and they’ll probably tell you Tonya actually attacked Nancy herself. I say this from experience.

The whole ordeal left me angry.

Very, very angry.

So angry that I would like you to tell your truth.

Speak it to the trustworthy Townsville Lawyers at O’Shea and Dyer. We want you to feel safe and we can make that happen for you.

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