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To Turn a Cube Into a Square

Shelleigh, our resident movie buff often delves into the children’s movie spectrum to get in touch with the youth of today; that being her gorgeous son. Not long ago Inside Out was released; a movie I’m sure you’ve seen if your life involves small human beings.  If you’re a bit out of the loop here’s a summary. It’s about a group of characters who work within a little girl’s brain, each of which represent different emotions.

We’ve got a few characters at our office too. Shelleigh, for example has found herself an Inside Out Emotional Indicator. Depending on the weather, she’ll pick a face and slowly raise her hand above the partition. Lucky for you I seem to have caught our Shelleigh on a good day. But that’s just an attempt at humour. I’m yet to experience our bundle of joy feeling anything less than her usual bundle of joy. She’s an incredible Mum whose family is the absolute delight of her life. To have Shelleigh on board for any family law matter is to have the experience of a mother who understands the importance of your family. Bless her cotton socks.

But the brilliance of our beloved O’Shea and Dyer is that we are Townsville family lawyers who together, all apprehend the importance of your family. If times are a-changing and the rain on your parade is flooding the drains, we want to extend our joyfully faced Inside Out Emotional Indicators towards whatever face of the cube you may be subconsciously feeling. If we had the option to be humble about these things we surely would. But we have to let you know that we truly care, are very experienced, pride ourselves on great outcomes, and have a burning desire to help you.

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