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The Wild Life Photographer

I like art. It’s my substitute for sport.

Sometimes I forget to look for it. But it’s possible that you shouldn’t have to. Because good art will make you stop.

Townsville lawyers, O’Shea & Dyer have been one of Katie’s clients for a while now, and she has been one of ours.

Katie’s art makes us stop.

Whilst Katie Zamykal of KZ Photography is not a commercial photographer, we really like it when she is. She has photographed the team at our Townsville law firm many times. However, it doesn’t take a genius to realise where her true area of expertise lies.

The Photographer of Real, Wild, Bare Life.

Katie takes a photo of the tiny elephant sticker on the big toe of your partner’s foot as he reads a bedtime story to your daughter.

She captures all the naughty things children never wanted their parents to know - like feeding the dog broccoli through the window.

She catches your little bean of a sausage dog sitting on the forbidden couch looking like he just stepped out of the shower, the towels are in the dryer and the neighbours are over.

But most importantly, she captures a family without piano posture. Lollipops, hipster balloons and Pinterest DIY projects, which never look quite like they were supposed to, do not feature as props. Katie doesn’t need the pointless typical staged backdrops; all the arbitrary things that aren’t actually a part of your life.

She wants to capture your kids lying in the grass they grew up in, in the clothes they always wear, with mud between their toes and a pimple on their nose. She’s looking for the real, the bare, the wild. And she shows it beautiful.

Maybe we take photos because we’re so desperately trying to document life in fear of Alzheimer’s disease (a condition which I ironically forgot the name of). With photos we still have something to know ourselves by.  

And frankly, if we’re standing side by side, positioned like sardines, or even lying on a macramé mat in a forest we’ve never stepped foot in with lollipops the size of our heads - we are nothing but clichés.

Because whilst the staged setting may sound sophisticated, it’s far more ordinary than the ordinary.

There’s personality in the everyday.

Katie captures Real Wild Bare Life. Nobody does it better. She photographs the art you forgot to look for and makes you wonder why you didn’t.

Townsville Law firm O’Shea and Dyer, see Katie Zamykal and KZ Photography as living proof that from complication comes a maturity in perspective.

O’Shea and Dyer, lawyers Townsville, understand that sometimes there are problems to address before dreams come true. We, your Townsville lawyers, are here to get you there.

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