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The Breeze Between my Knees

I went to Townsville Grammar School.

I had a laptop and a phone and only one second hand text book. I had a calculator worth so much that I had to engrave my name on the back. I wore uniforms that were not hand-me-downs and yet managed to have a crisis when they were bought a size too big to keep up with my adolescent growth rate. My parents dropped me to school and picked me up every day. If I was sick, my Mum would stay home and cook me chicken soup and plait my hair till my heart was warm again.

The world landed in my lap the second I exited the womb.

So you can imagine, if I took these things for granted, a packed lunch with coloured ice bricks and a school bag with an assortment of colourful stationery, was to me, a God given right.

While I complained about the lack of breeze between my knees (the side effect of a then size 6 girl in a size 10 skirt) there were 1.1 million Australian children living in poverty, unable to participate wholly in their education and break the cycle of disadvantage.

As Australia’s largest education orientated charity, The Smith Family Children’s Charity support disadvantaged children. And with their support, these children are equipped to build a better future for themselves through education. They are given the opportunities they deserve.

Townsville law firm, O’Shea and Dyer aren’t ones to big note their crack. They just want you to see where their heart is.

And for this year and many to come it will be with The Smith Family Children’s Charity.

Your Townsville lawyers at O’Shea and Dyer reflect their love for people in all they do.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of perusing the website, you’ll no doubt be smacked in the face with their passionate desire to help.

They don’t live for the thrill of expansion or franchising.

We help – they say quite simply.

O’Shea and Dyer aspire to be the law firm Townsville needs.

The Smith Family Children's Charity

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