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Simon and Garfunkel

Meet Townsville lawyers, Ivan Baxter and Edward Mark. These guys are the heart of O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors. They are committed to providing quality legal services for the people of Townsville.

These guys are smart, know what they are doing and are the most down to earth, humble, genuine guys you could meet.

But I want you to really meet Eddie, our son of a gun who stands to the right. I really like Eddie. And it doesn’t take a genius to decipher between whom of the two comrades pictured above claims the undoubtedly lesser name of the world renowned duo. Because the second you pose like the character on the left, you are immediately demoted to Art Garfunkel. Despite Eddie earning the title of Paul Simon by default, I would’ve voted for this outcome regardless.

Edward Mark, Townville lawyer, is like a front door car park with an out-of-service parking meter. The best kind of car park, I’m sure you would agree. He trots through the back door in the morning and heads straight for his office where Johnathon Thurston greets him through the elegantly blue tacked poster. Eddie winks right back to his man crush of many years. With morning coffee in hand, he sketches the angel wing tattoo he has dreamed of needling into his back since seeing JT topless for the first time.  Too far? Sorry Eddie...

With a love for the Townsville community of equal compatibility to the love of JT, it comes as no surprise to see Eddie thriving like good bacteria. With experience in wills and estates, family law, conveyancing and Personal Law and an impressively brisk development across all areas of general practice, it’s hard to grumble. He’s simply a cooler, younger, hipper version of our Garfunkel, which I suppose is why he’s Simon.

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