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Rice was Nice

Once upon the days of piggy tales, the family decided that a trip to Japan would be a pleasant indulgence.

Whilst unfazed by the fact that I went up my first ski lift without a safety bar, a trivial anxiety of mine, a self-confessed fussy eater, remained.

For two weeks my diet consisted of short grained rice, long grained rice and if a sense of adventure struck I even dabbled in the brown rice department.

On the final night we went out to a traditional restaurant. My parents, disgusted by my lack of culture decided that the rice fast would be broken. Four beef skewers were placed in front of me.

After I had choked down the third skewer, I approached my father who I compelled to eat the last of the quartet. One bite and I saw truth dawn in his eyes; his cheeks shrivel up and his jaw fasten.

To this day, I’m eternally grateful that Ivan Baxter was present for that last kidney skewer. There honestly would’ve been a mild workplace incident otherwise; my stomach content sprawled across the carpet.

But let’s be real. There are far more concerning workplace incidents to deal with. With 30 years of experience and incomparable service, it comes as no surprise that O’Shea and Dyer’s recommendation is spread from the mouths of past clients. Let us at O’Shea & Dyer, take that last kidney skewer.

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