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March of the Milk Bottle

Red frogs have infiltrated the Universities as of late.

Actually, I feel the need to explain who they are before I continue.

Red Frogs is a support program for Uni students. They make it their mission to provide a positive peer presence in alcohol-fuelled environments where young people gather.

They’re fantastic. Look them up. They have O’Shea and Dyer Townsville Law Firm’s full endorsement.

If you were to write down one word on a sticky note that defines college or university culture, you would probably jot down ‘alcohol’.

And whilst a cheeky beverage is not the main game of college or Uni, the presence of the Red Frogs is warranted.

I really enjoy the company of a Red Frog. I only have one, sole complaint. They are far too nice.

Every Thursday at the Qld Uni Women’s College we have a pancake and games night run by the Red Frogs. You wait in line for ‘A’ pancake and then sit down to a game of UNO.

A pancake. ‘A’ meaning ‘One’.

But the last Thursday I attended one of these gatherings, I waited in line for half an hour only to have the cow in front of me take all four pancakes that had just been flipped off the pan.

The Red Frog serving these pancakes just let it happen.

This is what I mean folks. This girl did not need four pancakes and this Red Frog needed to tell her.

The Red Frog gave her kindness but did not give her honesty.

O’Shea and Dyer lawyers Townsville are all about that tough love. The honest, old-fashioned and oft misunderstood ‘cruel to be kind’, kind of love. The kind, honest type of love.

This is because we care about you.

We aren’t the red frog. We are the Allen’s Milk Bottle. Good for your bones and preserving the quality of your future.

Quoted by Suzie Lewellyn; a past client of ours, ‘Ivan is tough when he needs to be but always looks after people’s best interests – even before they know what those interests are. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a Townsville lawyer.’

To summarise, Ivan Baxter is your Milk Bottle.

Classic, nutritional, honest and goes down smooth.

Ivan is a highly competent Townsville Lawyer. There isn’t much he cannot do. He can arrange wills and estates, handle all types of litigation matters, conveyancing, traffic and criminal matters and commercial cases.

Ivan Baxter - from your local Townsville Law Firm, O’Shea and Dyer, has an immense capacity to look after many people. Thirty years experience and an incredible team enable him to do this.

Milk has always been cooler than frogs.

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