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Why use our online questionnaire to get started?

3 reasons -

  • It saves time and money
  • It can be filled in any time and anywhere that suits you
  • Its easy!

The client questionnaire asks the same kind of questions that we ask at an initial appointment. It is designed to gather key information which means in your first appointment, less time is spent collecting background facts and more time is spent discussing advice, options, strategy and next steps.

Many of our clients like the online process to kick things off. While starting online isn't for everyone, we find that most clients like it as it saves them time and money. Instead of your lawyer spending time gathering information at the beginning of your matter, you simply answer some questions and fill in some details. This means, when we meet with you, we only have to check things and are able to get to the heart of your matter very quickly. In the first appointment, we get to spend most of the time focused on giving you customised and excellent legal advice.


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