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Family Law Separation Guide - 9 Issues of Separation

Family Law Separation Guide 

9 Issues of Separation

If you have recently separated or are thinking about it, it's important to obtain legal advice as soon as possible. 

This 12 page guide highlights 9 important issues you need to consider...

Immediately following separation, couples are usually concerned about financial matters and arrangements for the children.   

What you do in the critical period straight after separation can have long term consequences with respect to the care arrangements for children and property division.   

It is therefore recommended that you seek experienced legal advice as soon as possible.   

There are several legal issues that need to be addressed. The breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship can be stressful and upsetting. It is a period of great change and it’s normal to be overwhelmed with questions, doubts and fears.  This guide will cover the majority of the issues that arise, but we encourage you to talk with a lawyer as all situations are different.   

If family or domestic violence has been and remains a problem, we can advise you in relation to your rights and assist you in applying for a domestic violence order (or refer you to Police or domestic violence agencies).  We are here to bear your burden and have those difficult conversations with your ex-partner or their lawyer.

Family Law Guide:  9 Important Issues of Family Separation:

  1. Your Home – Who Stays, Who Goes
  2. Living Arrangements for your Children
  3. Child Support
  4. Spousal Maintenance/Support
  5. Financial Matters
  6. Property Settlement (Including Superannuation)
  7. Divorce (If you are Married)
  8. Time Limits
  9. Lawyer Fees - Legal Costs

You can can simply click on the section links above to read the Guide online, or you can download the guide from here.  (You do not have to give your details to get access to this Family Law Guide - 9 Important Issues of Family Separation).  We suggest you just click on the first link "Your Home - Who Stays, Who Goes" and read the short sections in sequence.  It is designed to give you some good information about what the process is for separation (and later divorce).


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